We are currently not accepting guest posts or any user post. All the work is now managed by our team. But still, you can contact us, If you want to know anything regarding this.

You can read these guidelines to post a content on this website.

Contribute to our community and help people by writing about the topics in the areas of technology, apps, software, websites, education, and guides.

About UsersAdvice

UsersAdvice is a tech content posting website where our team and users share their knowledge and opinion on the topics in which they have experience.


If you are an individual who wants to contribute for us by writing a post about any topic related to our niche in which you have an interest and you can share your thoughts and knowledge in it. In return, we will provide you a no-follow backlink to your site and a link to your Instagram/Facebook account.

If you are an advertiser or a brand, You can contact us for advertisement related information.


Currently, the supported language is English.

Topics and Categories

UsersAdvice deals in the following categories – technology, apps, software, education, tech news, and guides. Just select a topic and share your knowledge with the visitors.

Writing a Post

After selecting your topic. You can write a post from any location on your computer/laptop and when your post is completed you can submit it at the given email address.

email address – [email protected]

You have the choice to give your Instagram, Facebook or twitter page/profile link in the post or you can post it as default name which is the editorial staff. By providing your social media links it is easy for website visitors who are reading your post to find you and connect with you on different platforms.

Criteria For writing a post

If you meet these criteria and you can do according to the given condition we will be glad for your contribution.

1. Unique Content

Content that you are writing to be posted on this website must be unique. There should be no copy and paste work. The content must be written after a good research on that particular topic and it should be SEO optimized. Your content should be easy to read, written in English and use of images to make it easy to understand. Before publishing your content we will check whether it is plagiarized or not.

Note: We do not publish content which is not related to our website niche.

2. Copyright

After when your post is published to our website we will hold the copyright of this content and you can not re-submit or distribute this content on any other platform.

3. Words

Your content should be at least 1000 words long.

4. Submitting your post

After completing your post, you send the document to our email address.