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health write for us

Health Write for Us. If you are looking for a website that accepts guest posts (health “write for us”) on health and fitness then you are in the right place. We allow fitness trainers, medical experts, or normal fitness tips on UsersAdvice.

If you want to save your time then you can read the post submission guidelines (ten points only) to get started. So, visit the link and leave this page to get started quickly.

As of now, We don’t allow posts that are related to the treatment of something and medicines because it is always a good idea to visit a nearby doctor.

write for us health

You can write fitness tips, diet tips, yoga exercises, improving body strength, nutrition, and food, gym exercises, natural fitness tips, etc. in the category health “write for us”. Please note that currently, we do not have any separate category for fitness tips so you can use the other category when submitting a post.

Health Write for Us

These are the guidelines that you should follow to write an article on the topics related to health and fitness.

  1. Register on UsersAdvice and then go to my posts. Start writing a post.
  2. The article should be written in English.
  3. Minimum 600 words or more in length.
  4. Put only 1 external link in the post.
  5. Post must be original written by an expert.

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