1. How to Submit Posts on UsersAdvice?
You need to create an account on UsersAdvice to submit a post. After submitting your post, our team will check it before publishing it on the site.
2. How long does it take for a submission to be reviewed and get published?
The submitted articles will be reviewed by our staff within 1 week. It may take 1 day or even 7 days, depends on the queue.
3. How do I change the profile photo on UsersAdvice?
We do not provide the option to upload a profile photo but if you want to display your profile photo then you can visit, create your account on this website with the same email address that you have used on UsersAdvice. After creating your account, you can upload a photo on Gravatar and then visit UsersAdvice. You will notice that your photo is visible on UsersAdvice. Uploading a profile photo is optional and it is not required but if you want to show your profile photo then you can follow the steps mentioned above.
4. I have Signed Up on UsersAdvice but have not received any verification email. What can I do now?
You can wait for 10-30 minutes. You can also check the spam folder.
5. I have forget my account password. How can I recover my account?
You can request a new password. The process is simple, go to the login page and click on the forget password button. Then, enter your registered email address and click on the restore password button. You will receive the link to restore a new password in the inbox.
6. I had submitted a post but it is not visible in my posts. What is the reason for this?
The submitted post by you (user) may not follow our post submission guidelines or violates our terms of use. Any post that does not follow the post submission guidelines will be deleted. Therefore, you will not be able to see it in the “my posts” option.
7. How to set a password on UsersAdvice?
Your password must be eight characters long including one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, one special character, and alphanumeric characters. Passwords should not contain the user’s username, email, or first/last name.
8. On which topics can I write?
UsersAdvice covers a variety of topics such as technology, apps, guides, education, Internet, travel, etc. We are looking to users for ideas in your particular area of experience/knowledge to share on this platform. We encourage you to share your insight and insider knowledge on those topics in which you have good knowledge, expertise or write things based on research work before writing on any topic.
9. Will I get paid for writing the article.
No, you will not get any compensation for writing a post. However, we allow an external link (only 1) to be inserted as praise for the authors’ work. You can insert the link to your website homepage or any other relevant page, Instagram page, Youtube channel, Facebook page or account, Twitter account, etc. but we do not allow any type of illegal links, gambling links, adult site links, etc.
10. How can I delete my account?
You can contact our team using the contact page. After confirmation of the user, we will delete your account.
11. Which type of posts are not allowed on UsersAdvice?
Plagarised post
12. How to report a post?
If you found any post that does not obey our post submission guidelines, and terms of use, then you can report the URL of the post on our official email address:

1. [email protected]

2. [email protected]