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Travel write for us guest posts. If you are a traveler, travel vlogger, or travel blogger then we encourage you to join this platform (travel “write for us”) to share your experience, tips, and travel journeys. As an appreciation for the authors’ work, we allow only one external link. You can insert a link to your site, youtube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram page.

Travel Write for Us

If you do not want to read too many paragraphs and points then visit this page (community guidelines) and read the 10 points that are required to follow to publish the post on UsersAdvice.

write for us travel guest posts

1. Travel Write for Us Guidelines

  • The topic must be written in English only
  • You can write travel posts on topics like budget travel, commuting, traveling guides & tips, destinations, countries, living overseas, traveling experiences & feeling, lodging, national parks & local places, travel documentation works and permits, passport and visa, public transport, planning a trip/tour, road travel, eating roadside experience, solo travel, travel accessories & equipment, traveling apps to use on a trip, clothing, photography, shopping, local foods, and travel safety tips.
  • The post should be 600 words in length or more.
  • Copy-paste work, spin content, or any type of such tricks are prohibited and the content will be deleted. Therefore, always write unique content by yourself.

2. How to Write an article (Travel Write for Us)

  • To start posting articles on UsersAdvice, you need to sign up.
  • After registration, you can log in to your account.
  • Write and submit content.
  • Our team will check the submitted post and approves the post if the post follows all the community guidelines.


The content on which you are writing should be based on your knowledge, expertise, or research work. We do not allow adding images in the post therefore, you can only write your experience. Our team will add suitable photos for the post that you will submit. In case, if we are unable to find the photos for the post then we can contact you for your help to provide us the images. If you have any questions in your mind please visit our support to get your answer or directly contact us.

By submitting an article on UsersAdvice you must agree with the terms of use and privacy policy.

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