Terms of Use

Welcome to the Terms of Use Page for accessing, browsing, using, or visiting UsersAdvice. Our mission is to share knowledge, personal experience, opinion, by providing useful and helpful tips for everyone in the World. These are the terms of use for using the website Usersadvice (https://usersadvice.com/) and the content appearing on the website. By using the website including but not limited to, accessing or visiting, or browsing the Website content, you indicate your acceptance to these Terms of Use and you agree to follow and abide by them. These Terms of Use represent a legal agreement between you, the users of the website visiting it, and UsersAdvice. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use for browsing, accessing, visiting, or using this site then you can avoid using this website. Please read the Terms carefully, as they form the entire agreement between you (the user) and Usersadvice.

1. About UsersAdvice

Usersadvice is an online media platform that focuses on providing information on topics like programming languages, technology technologies, blogging, and apps. Our mission is to share knowledge, experience, opinion, and guides to help people to solve their doubts. UsersAdvice enables its users to read, create new posts, publish content, on the website. UsersAdvice team also publishes content on the website and manages different tasks but due to a small team, we have to manage a lot of work. Therefore, we always encourage if anyone sees unusual activity, content, images, etc then you can report us using our contact page.

2. Access to the Website

By browsing or accessing Usersadvice you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Users are allowed to read any topics on the website, create an account, write posts, submit content.  We will not be liable if for any reason our website is not available to you at any period of time. Also, we have the right to restrict, prohibit, or terminate your access to the whole part of the Website or Partially. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, change, our services such as account creation, publishing content, submitting stories, or even discontinue the UsersAdvice website at any time without notice to you.

3. Community Guidelines

UsersAdvice is a user’s platform where users like you come to help other users by sharing knowledge, experience, and expertise in particular areas of interest. Writers/Contributors from different places, backgrounds, and profession publish their stories here. Therefore, it becomes very important for all of us who are using UsersAdvice to obey community guidelines for a safe and better experience. Users are welcome to write and publish posts on a variety of topics related to the technology that we offer. These are the guidelines that you should follow when writing a new post/article on UsersAdvice.

  1. Currently, we support and accept articles in English. The content should be easily readable, error-free, and in fluent English.
  2. The content should not have abusive words, privacy violation of someone, Deceptive Impersonation, fake engagement, discrimination, racism, religious comments, any type of promotional stuff, ad, link spam, and plagiarised content.
  3. The article/post length should be at least 600 words.
  4. We do not allow spin and copied content. UsersAdvice has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. So, please don’t submit articles already published elsewhere. The content that you submit is manually checked by our team and they can easily detect spin content. Therefore don’t waste your time doing this type of trick. We have premium Plagiarism software that can easily detect copied content. Write the post in your own language with your own thought, knowledge, opinion, or expertise. So that you can avoid plagiarism.
  5. Use headings and subheadings such as h2, h3, and h4. Do not use the h1 heading in the post. Use h2 heading for the main title and h3 for the subheading. Use at least 4 headings in a post.
  6. Write short paragraphs for good readability and short sentences.
  7. Use easy to understand English words/vocab
  8. We do not allow posts that include affiliate links or illegal websites such as gambling, hacking, etc.
  9. Before writing a post, Take a look at past posts on the UsersAdvice website and see how you can contribute something fresh and different. We won’t publish the same-old content. Therefore, search the website before writing on any topic. If the topic is already covered on the website then write on something new.
  10. Now, this is the important point for writing purposes, whenever you start writing a post. Then, it should be started with 1-4 short paragraphs that give the introduction of the topic, then you should write headings (h2), content, subheadings(h3), then at last conclusion/End Words.

4. External Websites

We use external links on our website for reference, affiliate, & relevant content. We have no control over external links. So, anything that visitors do on that site is their responsibility and at the user’s own risk. We always try our best and provide only genuine and trusted links. But, We are not a robot so, We can not guarantee that every link may be relevant, perfect, or working as We are also a human. But we will do our best to ensure that everything is updated. If you find any broken link, irrelevant link, or any link which is no more in use then kindly message us using our contact page or Facebook page.

5. Registration and User Account

Anyone can create an account on UsersAdvice and then you will be able to write posts, submit your story, and publish content on UsersAdvice. After publishing content on the website, Information such as your public profile photo (if you have uploaded your photo) and your display name will be publicly visible. You have the option to upload a profile photo and it’s totally up to you whether you want to upload your photo or not. If you want to show your public profile photo on Usersadvice then you have to upload and set your photo at Gravatar with the same email ID that you have used to register at UsersAdvice.

To register an account on UsersAdvice, you need to provide your first name, last name, email address, set a username, and you can set your password. We will send you a verification email to verify your account to prevent spam and fake user registration. We always recommend using different passwords that should be different from your Email account password for better security. We always give our best for website security and privacy but UsersAdvice is built on the WordPress platform, therefore, we have limited security options. We have implemented many things to take care of website security. Currently, we are not providing the feature to delete the account. So, please avoid creating an account on this website if you want to delete the account after some time. But if you want to delete your account from the UsersAdvice then you can contact us using our contact page. Our team will erase your data from our database. Please remember that you need to contact us with the same registered Email ID that you have on UsersAdvice. Otherwise, We can not delete the account. If you have any published article/post on UsersAdvice and you want to delete your account. Then, in that case, the published content will remain on UsersAdvice as the Public property and as a copyright of the UsersAdvice. Your account data such as your name, public profile, profile photo, Email ID will be deleted from our database.  But the content that you have published on our website will be moved to the Contributor User account. We also reserve the right to suspend, block, or terminate the account of any user without any notice. After creating your account on UsersAdvice, you will not be able to change or update your display name,  password, and email address. Therefore, carefully fill in your details such as username, first name, last name, password, and email address.

6. Account Termination

We reserve the right to ban or suspend an account at our sole discretion. Account terminations are rare and generally for extreme cases that violate our community guidelines, terms of use, and privacy policy. These are some reasons we might do so.

  • Submitting the plagiarised (copy-pasted content) again and again
  • Not following the rules of community guidelines
  • Submitting irrelevant content and wrong information
  • Spam, abusive behavior, harmful content
  • Writing content only for the purpose of promotion of a product and submitting it again and again
  • Using a fake name, writing an article without knowledge of the topic and for the fake engagement

7. User Content

  1. Users can submit their posts on our website. To all the users who are submitting content on UsersAdvice, You hereby represent, warrant, and covenant to the UsersAdvice that all User Generated Content authored, submitted, or posted by you will be original content written by you on the basis of your knowledge, expertise, or research.
  2. User-Generated Content must be original and it should not infringe the rights of any third party, including any intellectual property rights, rights of privacy, rights of publicity, rights to payment of royalties and residuals, or, damage to any third party.
  3. We do not allow users to post harmful content such as injury, porn, abusive, harmful, incorrect, incomplete, and wrong information, plagiarized content, hateful content, defamatory, offensive, vulgar, unlawfully threatening, content that promotes terrorism, someone else copyrighted content, etc.
  4. We provide credit for the User-submitted content by displaying the author’s name, photo, and the about section (introduction of the author) at the end of the post. Your content should comply with our Community Standards. At the beginning and end of every post, you will see the author’s name and the author’s photo.
  5. You further grant us the right to use your name in association with your published content on the site and we can display the advertisement (such as Google Ads) in the content written by you. We can display any number of ads that we want to use in the User-Generated Content. These ads help us to keep this website live and manage the expenses of our team. It should be noted that you will not get any commission, compensation, revenue share, or any type of financial help whether your article is performing well or not.
  6. If the post submitted by the user does not meet the community standards & guidelines then it will be deleted. If any user repetitively submits unacceptable content such as illegal links or content, a post that contains lots of links, promotional content, etc then we reserve the right to terminate the user permanently from our Platform.
  7. On the complaint by other users or website visitors if we found the user-generated content violates our guidelines then we can remove those content.
  8. By submitting, posting, and publishing the post on UsersAdvice you grant us an irrevocable, royalty-free, license to use, display, copy, reproduce, adapt, translate, delete, add to, prepare derivative works of, publish and distribute any such User Content written by you on the website and all intellectual property rights associated therewith, throughout the world in any media formats, without any obligation to make any payment to you or any others party or to give you credit for the same.
  9. Content that you are writing on any topic will be submitted for review and our team will check it thoroughly and If it follows all the guidelines then it will be published on our website. The submitted post should be original and written by you on the basis of your knowledge, expertise, experience, or research and not been published elsewhere in any form. Please note that we use premium/paid software to check the plagiarism report and we also check it manually. Therefore, don’t try to submit spin, copied, or low-quality content. After the post has been submitted, we will keep the copyright of that content. You can not repost content from UsersAdvice elsewhere. Once the post has been published on the website you will not be able to edit or modify it. Also, note that we do not allow users to upload images when writing the content therefore your submitted post/article can be modified by our team (Editorial Staff) by Inserting suitable featured images, thumbnail, or images in the post. Editorial Staff can also insert the related internal links in the article written by you (user) for Improving user engagement.
  10. The content becomes outdated over time and after some time it needs to be updated. Therefore, Editorial Staff can change the publishing date of the content (when the content gets modified the date will be changed to the recent date), modify the content, corrections for spelling and grammar, insert relevant links, add images, and other media items whenever required without asking any author to keep the content up-to-the-date. To this effect, you grant us the unconditional right to modify your content.
  11. It should also be noted that posts on UsersAdvice should not be considered as a solution/way for professional advice for your specific problem and we always recommend going to the experts who are into those professions that can help to solve your situation/doubts. UsersAdvice is an online platform for providing and sharing technical knowledge but it is always a better idea to go to an expert.
  12. We reserve the right to delete any published post created by the user at any time without any notice. We have the right to remove the external link in user-contributed content if the link is of low-quality, spammy, illegal, etc.
  13. We do not allow any type of promotional posts.
  14. Users will not get any compensation for writing and posting content on the website.
  15. The user-generated content and user contribution do not contain any viruses, worms, spyware, adware, or other potentially damaging programs or files.
  16. The user-written content contributed by you (the user of the website) does not violate any law (including, but not limited to, those governing export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination, false advertising, etc).
  17. UsersAdvice reserves the right to not publish contributed content by the User if it does not meet our content guidelines.
  18. UsersAdvice does not allow uploading profile photos but users can show their profile photos by uploading the image on gravater.com and then your public profile will be visible in the author section at the bottom of the posts that you have published. We have no control over any user profile photo, our website just displays the author’s photos from the gravatar profile. If you are using a profile photo then it must be yours and it should be in a decent way. If we found any user using a nude image, image of someone else, or any type of violent image then we will permanently terminate the account of the user.
  19. Users can edit, delete, and preview the post as long as the post is in pending status. We allow a maximum of 4 days to edit or delete the post which is written by you. But as soon as our team checks the post and the user’s post is following all our guidelines, the post will be published. And after that, users cannot edit or delete their posts.
  20. You will receive an email when your submitted post published on UsersAdvice. You can also check your post status by login into your account and going to the “my posts” option. If you are unable to see your submitted post then it means it is deleted by our team because of a violation of the post submission guidelines.
  21. Over time, the content becomes outdated and needs to be updated. The post may be valid, correct, and up-to-date at the time of posting but after a few months, or years it is required to update the post. We have a small team and looking at all the past published articles is not possible. Therefore, we can not guarantee the correctness of the information and whether it will work or not. The post may or may not work due to the new updates that can change with time. Use of any information is at your own risk.

8. Privacy Policy

We respect our visitor’s and user’s privacy and we make sure that your information will always be protected. Please visit our privacy policy page of the site to know furthermore information.

9. Prohibited Uses

Individuals under the age of 13 years are strictly prohibited from using the site. You should be at least 18 years old to create an account on UsersAdvice or at least the age of majority in the administration where you currently live or, if you are not, then your parent/guardian must accord to these Terms of Use and affirm that they agree and accept this Agreement on your behalf and take the responsibility for your use. If you are under the Minimum age based on your location, city, or country then you are not allowed to create an account on this platform. UsersAdvice may terminate, suspend, block, or modify your registration with, or access to, all or part of the website without notice at any time and for any reason.

10. Policy for Making Claim of Infringement

UsersAdvice respects the intellectual property rights of others. We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Our team checks the content using premium plagiarism software and also manually. Therefore, we have unique and plagiarism-free content written by the users and the editorial staff. However, If you think that your content, image, or any other media is copied or published in the wrong way then you can contact us using our contact page, Facebook page, or send us an email at [email protected]. UsersAdvice has a policy of removing user-generated content/contributions that violate copyright law, suspending access to the website, to any user who uses the UsersAdvice in violation of copyright law, and/or terminating in appropriate circumstances the account of any user who uses the UsersAdvice platform in violation of copyright law. We have implemented procedures for receiving written notification of claimed copyright infringement and for processing such claims. If you believe your copyright or other intellectual property right is being infringed by a user of the website then please provide written notice to the Email ID written above. You are required to provide proper original proofs. Read the guidelines for making claims of Infringement.

  1. Your written notice must contain your physical or electronic signature
  2. The email from which you are sending the mail must represent your company name such as @yourcompany.com and contain adequate information by which we can contact you including postal address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  3. Copyrighted work or other intellectual property has been identified that has been infringed
  4. Identify the allegedly infringing material in a sufficiently precise manner to allow UsersAdvice Editorial Staff to locate that material
  5. Your written notice must contain a statement that you have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted material or other intellectual property is not authorized by the owner, the owner’s agent, or the law
  6. Your written notice must include a statement that the information in the written notice is accurate and contain a statement, under penalty of perjury, that you are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright or other intellectual property right owner.
  7. You are required to show the proper proof of the copyrighted material that you are claiming. Otherwise, we can proceed to a full-fledged legal complaint and that may result in paying a penalty for a fake claim and you are required to pay the penalty amount to us. Therefore, any fake claim can result in a legal complaint and we strictly follow different search engines webmaster guidelines.
  8. In case of a fake claim, we can counter the DMCA complaint, a legal complaint in the court, as well as take all the necessary steps.

11. Disclaimer

  1. The content which is posted on UsersAdvice is published by our team and website users. Each post was written by different individuals. So, Any thoughts, advice, personal experience, knowledge share, etc. are purely based on that individual personal opinion.
  2. Content on this website is for sharing knowledge, opinions, information, and personal experience. We are not responsible for how the users using our information.
  3. Any action or activity related to the information contained on this site is solely your responsibility. The use of any information is solely your responsibility and at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any event, damage, loss and we disclaim that everything is provided is without any warranty or accuracy.
  4. We can not guarantee the accuracy, correctness, error in any content, information, posts on this website. We make absolutely no guarantees regarding any information on the site. However, We try our best to keep everything up to the mark and reliable to our users. We check twice before publishing any content on this site. If you found any bug, misspell, insufficient information, inaccurate information, misleading content, etc. You can use our contact page for contacting us about such problems.
  5. We advise our website visitors that before using any information ask your nearby experts in that related profession.
  6. Posts like comparing prices, features, tricks, and tips, etc are valid at the time of posting but after a few weeks, months, or years they may or may not work due to the new updates in prices, features, or things that can change with the time.
  7. The contents on this website are for informational purposes only.
  8. We provide reviews of different websites, apps, software, etc for Information purposes only. We do not promote any illegal websites to our audience, we try our best to provide informational content only that aims to provide education and knowledge to everybody.

12. Disclosure

  1. We always believe in transparency on the web. So, we are disclosing our advertising and earning methods.
  2. We use direct advertisement banners and Google ads.
  3. Currently, we are using only a few affiliate products after using it. Content on UsersAdvice may contain affiliate links. This means that when you buy any product, then we will get a commission on those goods. This affiliate link will not cost you extra money. Buying goods from this affiliate link will be as much as you can buy without affiliate links. Buying products from this link will help us in providing free content to the users and the cost of maintaining the site.
  4. We only promote those products and services that are genuine.

13. Copyright Notice

All the contents contained on the website are copyright © of UsersAdvice All Rights Reserved. Contents posted on UsersAdvice is the hard work of our team and Users of our website. Copy any content such as logo, published posts, images, etc is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, republish, redistribute the content of this website in any form. We respect all content creators. We strictly follow DMCA guidelines and various Webmaster policies. Before publishing any post on UsersAdvice, we check it properly. Therefore, from our side, we always take care of every work which is going to be published on the Internet. You are not allowed to copy our content and use it on your website or blog. If we came to know that any website or blog has copied our content and republished it on their blog/website, we will file a DMCA Complaint against that website.  

Contact: For any further information, query, or any other help, You can contact us using our contact page. Our Official Email Address is  [email protected]