What Is Buying Gold In Online Games – How To Buy Currency In MMO And Not Get Banned

Gold making

Many players, coming into the world of an MMO project, quickly realize that the game system, which is designed to train and gift a character with a lot of gold, equipment, weapons, amplifiers and other things that simplify the game, quickly ends.

The player is left with a choice – to make efforts and get everything on their own, it is possible to turn to guides and pump the character more correctly, or turn to professional services like Skycoach for help and simplify their game at all stages of the development of the project.

Since it is the currency that plays the most important role and, in addition, it is easiest to get it from other players – there are whole farmers who are mining gold around the clock, then players often resort to buying game gold.

There are several reasons for this:


  1. For game currency, you can buy literally everything that can be transferred through the game.
  2. You can buy not only equipment, but also pay for services.
  3. The currency is easier to disguise during the transfer, and the risks of getting banned for RMT (trading for real money) are reduced.

How is the purchase of play money

You find a supplier player and must transfer real money to him in exchange for game currency. The exchange often takes place first with the transfer of money, then the transfer of gold – rarely does anyone agree to the reverse conditions.

What risks and problems you may face when buying game gold

  1. You can simply be deceived – the player can leave the game and then pretend that there was no deal. This is the most common type of cheating in online games.
  2. You run the risk of getting game sanctions – RMT is officially banned in the game, and although there are quite proven ways to get around them, you need to be extremely careful – after all, your account and character are at stake.
  3. You can buy gold stolen when your account was hacked or mined with the help of third-party programs – this currency can be withdrawn by the game administration over time, and even if you do not fall under the ban, you will lose the purchased gold – this happens if you buy currency from individual players without quality guarantees .

How to protect yourself and your account when buying game gold

How to protect yourself and your account when buying game gold
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You need to understand a few rules. The administration of all game projects makes sure that the players do not violate the rules prescribed in the contract, which the players accept when creating a character. They look for those who break the game rules and punish them severely as it breaks the game rules and destabilizes the server economy.

But there are special services, such as Skycoach, which not only provide players with most of the services, but also guarantee security measures against interference by the game administration and the imposition of sanctions and provide support if the player needs help at any stage of buying gold.

Guarantees provided by the Skycoach player assistance service:

  1. Proven suppliers and honestly earned gold. Just in case, all currency is held for several days before being transferred to the buyer player. Stocks are made in advance, so the player does not expect this period.
  2. A guarantee of support at all stages of the transaction, and even if you suffer from the actions of the game administration, Skycoach will reimburse you for all losses and help at all stages of your interaction with the administration, since Skycoach is confident in the quality of its supplies.
  3. Several stages of disguise and transfer of gold in its natural form are used, so the administration will not even have formal reasons to impose gaming sanctions.

How does the transaction procedure with the Skycoach service work?

how work

  • Go to the Skycoach website in the games section and choose your project and check out the list of services. You will see that it does not have to be a purchase of gold, you can order a training and boosting service from professional players, get help in completing raids.
  • If you didn’t find your server, then write to the manager – perhaps Skycoach can solve this problem.
  • The manager records your application and payment and discusses all the details of the transaction – the time, place and method of transferring the purchased gold.
  • Gold is transferred in a game way in compliance with camouflage measures.

How does Skycoach get the gold it delivers to players?

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In the state of large services, and Skycoach is no exception, there is a large team of farmers. These are professional players who know how to farm without the use of third-party programs, bots and various frauds. They simply know the best places to mine gold and have perfectly equipped heroes to ensure the supply.

Gold mined by playing without using software does not attract the attention of the game administration in any way, since it is of natural origin. The only way for the gaming administration to have a reason to impose sanctions is a direct denunciation, which of course will not be done by the service.

Answers to popular questions about deals

How long does it take for a response from a manager? Skycoach employees respond within 5 minutes. Are there any risks of getting gambling sanctions?

There are always risks, but Skycoach monitors the gold suppliers and the strictness of disguise and gives a guarantee of damages in case of disputes, so the risk is minimized. My game or server is not in the list, what should I do?

Write to the Skycoach manager, and we will try to satisfy your request, if, of course, it is possible to put gold or other items into your game.

How long does delivery take?

The delivery is agreed with the manager and often depends on the availability of gold and the time that suits the client – in any case, a compromise is sought.

What are the ways to supply gold?

Skycoach get the gold
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For online games, this can be a trade from player to player, placing a lot on an auction, throwing gold near a player in a deserted place, sending it by mail.

I need not gold but a rare game item, what should I do?

Write to the manager and if Skycoach is able to get it, then the price is discussed.

How much gold can I buy?

We consider every request from a little to a lot – the main thing is that the gold is available. Skycoach tries to satisfy any request.