Best Trip Destinations 2024 And Sim Card For Europe Travel

Europe Travel

The majority of the most popular travel destinations are located in Europe. Each European country is famous for something due to a rich cultural heritage. Sometimes it makes us think that there is nothing else Europe can surprise us with. We’ve already heard a million times about the beauty of Paris and Vienna. However, the ‘old continent’ still has a lot of secrets and unsolved mysteries to amaze even an experienced traveler.

In this article you will find the list of places in Europe you should definitely visit in 2024. No matter if you’re a food lover or a history bum, there is something for you. By the way, when you decide to visit one of these places, you will surely want to share your experience with your friends and relatives. It means that you need a good internet connection and sim card for Europe travel to keep in touch. Try out eSim Plus by Esimplus. This service will provide you with a virtual SIM and a digital phone number, so that you can use the unlimited internet, send messages and make calls almost anywhere in Europe.

Now let’s get to the places you should consider traveling to in 2024.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark

For some reason, Denmark is not as popular among travelers as its Scandinavian neighbors. However, the capital of Denmark has a lot of opportunities to offer. It is a calm city with sophisticated yet futuristic architecture where you don’t need to look for anything specific. It’s a perfect place to enjoy life at a slow pace and explore hygge. Take a freshly baked pastry for breakfast in one of the multiple bakeries in the city center.

Then, just take a bike and pretend to be a local. By the way, bikes are a very important thing in Danish culture. It is one of the best destinations for passionate cyclists. There are more bikes than people, for sure. In the afternoon, you can relax and read a book laying on the grass in one of the local parks. And in the evening, go to the Nyhavn harbor to enjoy a beautiful sunset near the Baltic Sea. We also recommend having dinner in one of the local restaurants.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Slovenia

It’s a shame people don’t know much about Slovenia. Yes, it’s small. However, everyone will find something interesting there. Slovenia is a Slavic country with an Italian attitude, which makes Slovenian culture unique and versatile. This country is like a true haven on earth. There are incredibly clean beaches where the water is colored in different shades of blue, picturesque mountains, a lot of green areas and beautiful architecture. The size of the country is very convenient for a traveler. You can explore different landscapes in one day. One of the best things about Slovenia is that it’s not actually that popular, so you won’t see any crowds like anywhere else.

Tromsø, Norway

Tromso Norway

This city is not that easy to get to, but it’s definitely worth it. Tromsø is different from any tourist locations you can basically visit. The city is perfect for those who have always been intrigued by the Arctic Circle and the cold beauty of these places. Everything that you could ever hear in travel shows and Scandinavian fairy tales you will find in this wonderful place. The Arctic Circle has a lot of unusual weather effects to observe. Tromsøarea is one of the best places in the world to explore the northern lights.

Just imagine the glares of colorful lights dancing in the sky. The midnight sun is one more thing which will make you speechless. In summer the sun in Tromsø never hides. However, don’t think that Tromsø is a lost village at the world’s end. It is a modern city where you can see a lot of examples of traditional Scandinavian architecture and some futuristic buildings. What is more, it’s so eye-opening to see the way people like us organize their life in a setting which is completely different from ours.



Luxembourg is really small. However, it is always associated with something ancient but classy. In spite of the fact that tourists usually prefer its neighbors like France and Germany, Luxembourg can offer a lot of things to see and a lot of things to do. The small size can be a great advantage if you have time limits and still want to see and explore as much as possible. This country has an incredibly rich Roman heritage and its architecture is real proof. You can really feel like a medieval prince or princess when you walk around the old town of Luxembourg. There are a lot of castles, forts, gorgeous bridges and mesmerizing gardens. Luxembourg is also perfect for those who want to calm down and relax. People here are calm, nice and wealthy. The atmosphere also makes you slow down and just enjoy things around you.

Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo Italy

Bergamo is a small town near Milan. It’s not that popular among tourists. There is a small airport here, mostly for low-cost flights. That’s why Bergamo is mostly visited by people who arrive here with the help of Wizz Air or Ryanair. And it’s pretty sad, because this town deserves a lot of recognition. It is that Italy with all the shadows of brown, beige and green people usually see in their beautiful dreams. Wherever you go, you will find a picturesque corner.

Sometimes it’s even difficult to believe that everything may be that beautiful. You can take a ride and get to the top of the elevation Bergamo is located on. You will be amazed by a mesmerizing view of the Alps and wineries up there. The town is also a suitable place to get a unique gastronomical experience. In Bergamo you can find a great variety of delicious, authentic Italian food.

As far as you can see, Europe has a lot of sights to offer a lot of wonders to experience. There will always be some mesmerizing place you have never been before. The ‘old continent’ is huge. That’s why it can give you a huge number of absolutely different unforgettable experiences. Hope now you are motivated to pack your bags, leave your comfort zone and visit new places to get beautiful emotions.