The Why And How Of Buying Hats For Gentlemen And Ladies With Large Heads

Top Tips for Picking a Hat for a Large Head

Most people will be astonished to know that the head keeps growing long after the rest of the body has stopped. While it does not mean you will end up with an outsize head if your head was large, in your youth, it does mean that you may need to keep changing your hat size from time to time to ensure a proper fit, a high degree of comfort, and the desired protection from the elements.

However, if you need to buy a hat for your large head, you need not despair because you will discover you have ample choice that will keep you looking your fashionable best.

Why Do You Need to Buy A Hat for A Big Head?


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A well-fitting hat is more comfortable to wear, you look better in it, and you get the optimum protection. A big hat that sits too tight on your head can be uncomfortable, especially in warm sunny weather, and leave an angry welt on the sides of your head and the forehead. If your hat is too loose, it will tend to blow away in the wind or fall whenever you bend to pick up something.

Moreover, you will look a little funny with the crown sitting over your ears. You may also suffer from limited vision, which is not a good thing as it can lead to accidents. Buying the right-sized hat for your head, even if it is big, is a must. You will do well to measure your head size accurately and take the help of an experienced hatter to buy something that you look good in, suits the occasion, and provides you with the desired protection.

Top Tips for Picking a Hat for a Large Head

Picking a Hat for a Large Head

The golden rule for picking the right hat size they must be proportionate to the size of the wearers’ heads. It means if you have a large head, you must avoid hats that are too small. In addition to being uncomfortable and offering less than optimum protection from the sunshine, a small hat automatically makes the person’s head look larger, which is something you need to avoid.

Picking a large-size hat will make it look more proportional, especially if you also opt for a wide hat band, preferably in the same color as the hat to provide a low contrast. You must avoid too high or low crowns because a medium-height crown with a slight pinch will give you the best look without appearing too pointy. According to The Gentleman’s Gazette, you should pick a hat with a wide brim, preferably more than two and a half inches wide, and which you should snap all the way down to suit your silhouette better.

10 Steps to Take Before Buying a Hat

  1. Measure your head size accurately using a tape measure or by taking the help of an experienced hatter.
  2. Pick the best material for the purpose and season, such as straw in summer and felt/wool in winter.
  3. Try out several hats before buying one that suits you.
  4. Pick a hat that has a medium-height crown and a wide brim with the ideal length for your face shape.
  5. Avoid hats that have too many decorations or trims as it can make you look disproportional.
  6. Choose the right color based on your complexion, wardrobe, and other accessories so everything looks in sync.
  7. Always try the hat on with the accessories you intend to wear it with, such as glasses and hairstyle.
  8. Make sure there is enough space between the sides of your head and the hat so that it does not leave marks on your skin after a few hours of wearing it.
  9. If possible, choose a hat with an adjustable band so you can make changes in the fit if needed.
  10. Take your time and try out different hats until you are happy with the look, feel, and protection they offer.

These simple steps will help you pick the right-sized hat for your large head quickly and easily without compromising on comfort, style, and protection. Pick a hat that best suits your personality, wardrobe and lifestyle to look fashionable without appearing too flashy. And if you follow the tips above when shopping for a hat for a big head, you will be able to find one that fits well and looks great.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best hat size for big heads?

The best hat size for a large head depends on your exact measurements and face shape. The general rule of thumb is to buy a medium-height crown with a wide brim and snap it all the way down to suit your silhouette better.

2. Is wearing a hat bad for you?

No, wearing a hat is not bad for you as long as it fits correctly and provides the necessary protection from the sun. The wrong size or an ill-fitting hat can cause head and neck discomfort, so it’s important to measure your head size accurately before buying a hat.

3. What type of hats look best on big heads?

Hats with a medium-height crown and a wide brim are generally the best for big heads. A hat with an adjustable band is ideal so you can make adjustments to ensure it fits correctly. Look for hats in colors that complement your wardrobe, complexion, and hairstyle to get the most flattering look.

4. What kind of hat size is considered large?


Hat sizes

Hat sizes are typically categorized as small, medium, and large. Large hats usually have a circumference of 24-25 inches or more, although this can vary slightly depending on the style and manufacturer.

5. Are wide brim hats suitable for big heads?

Wide brim hats with a medium-height crown are the best for large heads as they provide the necessary coverage and protection without appearing too pointy or floppy. You should pick a hat with a brim that is more than two and a half inches wide for optimal style.


The best way to pick a hat for a large head is to get the size right and ensure that the color has a low contrast with your head and outfit to prevent it from standing out more than it should. Ensure the headband is not too wide and is the same color as the hat, and you wear the hat with the brim snapped down all the way.