Creating Your Own Coloring Book: Tips And Tricks For A Successful Printing Project

Creating Your Own Coloring Book

Colors are therapeutic for people of all ages. When as adults, you have been unable to move on from colors and patterns, you can well imagine the kind of inclination the small kids at various places have for their colors. It increases when they have different types of coloring books, which can be subject to their creativity and imagination.

Coloring book printing is a great way to focus on different designs and patterns for your children. Apart from children, when designing and printing by yourself, you can do a lot of customization. Organizations produce them, and the reasons behind such dealings can be different.

The coloring books contain outlines for children, and it is available for adults in the form of complex yet evolved illustrations. You need to know that printing is the last stage of the process to ensure that the figures speak for themselves through colors. But, it is undeniable the most important step, too.

So, if you plan to take designing, innovation, and printing in your hand, you should learn about the last stage as soon as possible.

Well, with this article, you need not struggle with printing or switching to another place. Here are some tips to ensure your coloring copy undergoes a successful printing process.

Focus On The Binding Style Of The Customized Book

binding coloring book

If you have designed a coloring copy, there is a high chance that you will know about the saddle-stitch and the perfect binding methods. They are the most common picks and also are the preferred ones due to many reasons. However, it would help if you did not choose them because of their popularity. You should know that the binding style you choose should be based on the quantum: the number of pages that will be a part of the coloring book.

If you want to design a thin copy, you should choose accordingly. However, consider your options if your copy has a relatively high page count. If you want to see how the final thing will look, you can take some steps at home before deciding on the binding style.

All you need to do is take some rough pages at home and glue them together using strong glue. You can trim the pages to give them a clean look. If the pages are thin, you will have more glue on your fingers than on the pages. It is the best way to decide about the printing methods.

Dimensions Of Your Coloring Book

Dimensions Of Your Coloring Book

The coloring collection will be successfully published when you are carefully planning the overall process. Planning includes catering to the book’s ideal dimensions, including the potential height and width of the book and that in a finished form. It is also known as the trim size, and hence, you should not get confused if you get this term in front of you.

It is obvious that the coloring book can be of any size you want, but you have an edge if you choose the standard size. These are also determined by the kind of production equipment you want to include in the process. When you opt for the designing process, you need to be sure of the size you choose, as it will optimize the production of the books and ensure a cost-effective process.

Quantity Of The Print

The quantity of the coloring books you wish to get printed also plays a role in the success of the printing project. For example, the pricing can be high if you want to stay low-key and print only 20-30 copies. However, if you want 200-300 copies of your designed copy, it will help reduce the cost as the per unit cost will be reduced.

Now, you should also know the reason behind it.

So, the basic thing is that the digital printing press has minimal setup costs linked to the production run. However, if you take the route of an offset press, the costs will be higher, and the efficiency will not be how you expect it to be.

So, whenever there is an increase in the number of books, the price automatically comes down. For example, if you want to print 500 coloring books for kids and adults, you can choose offset printing as it will be economically fair.

Page Count, Contents, And Ink Of The Designed Copy

page count book

After you have determined the binding style, you need to decide the book’s page count. It will help the printer to make calculations regarding paper use. When going by the page count, you should not confuse it with the sheets used in the process. So, every sheet of the book will make two pages. The sheet will be counted as two pages if the copy has one blank side or on both sides.

Hence, the contents of the book should also be designed accordingly. Also, it would help if you had a rough figure decided before you take the final call. By default, the coloring books have an even set of pages.

Also, coloring books have a major impact on visual skills and add to the perceived value of the contents of the coloring copy for children and adults. That’s why you should ensure that the coloring books are produced with a colorful cover. The interiors can be in black, grey, or dark blue color.

Also, you can check if you can make the front covers extend to the edge of the cover. Many ink-related confusing concepts can make you pause, think, and re-think. So, you have all the right to ask your doubts and get clarity before creating your coloring book.


Apart from that, there are other steps, like focusing on the paper characteristics and other finishing operations, to ensure that the printing process is just and complete. When you focus on these value-additions, it will help you in the process. The outcome will match your expectations in your budget and, of course, be the best in terms of outlook and quality.