Cymath Calculator: Math Solver with Steps

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Are you looking for a math solver that gives you an instant answer? Cymath is a good online tool. You can use it as an online calculator. It is a very useful calculator for everyone. Mostly used by students, teachers, and parents. You need an internet connection to use this calculator. That’s why I called it an online calculator. You can download Cymath app which is available on the play store

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General Information

Type of website (Category): Educational site to solve math problems

Founded in the year: 2013

Located in: Newyork, United States

Company Profile: Private company for profit

Registration Required: Optional

Supported Devices: Computers, laptops, phones (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc)

Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese


Cymath Calculator-  Math Solver


Cy math is a website where you can solve your math problems and get your answers easily. Cymath app is also available on the play store and on the apple app store.

It is a good math solver tool that helps millions of people worldwide. This online calculator is simple to use. You have to type your problem/question and then cymath calculator gives the answer to your question.

The free version of Cy math does not explain step by step solution to the question. But if you buy the premium version, then it will explain how a step is done. Step by step solution to guide you.

In the premium version, You have two options (“how” and “why” ) available to ask your doubts. These options are available for most problems.


You can choose various math topics. Select your topic and then type your question to get the answer. Topics include differentiating, expand, factor, graph, integrate, simplify, solve equations, and more.

How to does it works?

Account registration is optional. It depends on you, whether to use it by creating an account or without an account. But for the premium version, you need to create an account on cymath. So, how to use cymath?

Step by step tutorial

1.  Open the website or mobile app.

2. You can choose your topic and then type your question/problem and then click on the search button.

3. Now, this online calculator will show your answer.


Premium Version

Extra features that you will get in the premium version

  • No ads for the paid version
  • A step by step solution guide to help you and know how a step is done
  • Know why a step is taken and clear your doubts
  • Make your understanding clear and strong with these features


As I have already told you that in the free version. You will not know how a step is done and why a step is taken. So, if it is important to you for learning then you should check the premium version.

Now, the main concern is pricing. How much it costs and plans? For an individual, it costs $5 per month. If you are not satisfied with the premium version you can cancel it anytime. That’s a good thing for anyone who wants to try this site.

For an organization, There are different discount plans available. This discount plan varies depending on the size of the organization. So, if you are an organization you can get a group license.

Price for an individual: $5 per month

Price for an organization: Price varies depending on the size of the organization.

cymath price

Cymath Alternative

There are many alternatives to cymath. But in my opinion, Mathway is the best alternative because it has also offered good features and instant answers. So, If you are looking for a good alternative to this online calculator. You can check mathway.


It is a good online calculator to find the answer. You can use the free version if you already know the basics to solve a particular question. But, if you want to learn how a question is solved. So, without any doubt, you can try the premium version.