How to see sent friend requests on Facebook app

Are you find looking for an option in the Facebook phone app where you can see your sent friend request. Then read this article to the end to know how to do it.

In this guide, I will discuss two methods of checking the sent friend requests on facebook. First method is using the official app, and the second method is using UC Browser app (easy one).

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Method – 1 : See sent friend request on Facebook app

Step 1

Open the Facebook app and go to the help & support section. In the help & support section, you have to click on the help center.

how to see sent friend request on facebook

Step 2

After clicking on the help center, a page will open. On that page, at the top, you will see a search box. In that search box, type this “where to see sent friend request”, and then tap on the search icon.

Now, see the image below. You have to click on the 2nd option. Which says “How do I remove or cancel a friend request I sent to someone on Facebook.”

send requests on facebook

Step 3

Now, you will see an option “sent friend requests” in blue color (see in the image below). Click on that.

facebook sent friend requests

Step 4

That’s it, All the sent friend requests will show on your screen in the facebook app.

how to see sent friend request on facebook

Method – 2: Using UC browser See sent friend requests on Facebook Using Phone

Check sent friend requests in the facebook app. You have to follow all step by step instructions that are given in this guide.

Most of us have a habit of tracking sent friend request on Facebook. It is easy to track sent friend requests on the desktop version but on the Facebook app, you will not see this option. As of 2020, The only way in the Facebook app is you have to go to help option and follow the steps that I have already mentioned in method 1.

You can install UC browser app from the play store. Then follow these step by step instructions to see sent friend requests on the mobile. You do not need to use a computer or laptop. Using this way, you can see sent friend requests on your phone.

Step 1

After installing the UC browser on your phone. Open the Facebook website. You can also open the lite version of facebook mobile by changing some UC browser settings.

Now, login to your Facebook account. Click on the “friends” option. There you will see an option “see all friends.” Click on that option.

see sent friend requests in the Facebook app

Step 2

Click on “view sent requests”. By clicking on this option, It will show you all the friend requests that you have sent to different individuals.

facebook sent request in mobile app

Step 3

Now, you can see all your sent friend request on your mobile phone using this way. You do not need any desktop to see sent friend request. As of now, there is no option available in the facebook app to see sent friend request. Due to this, many people check it on the desktop version.

But, you can easily view and check sent friend request on a facebook mobile app using UC browser.

sent friend request in facebook app

You can see all sent friend requests on Facebook and If you want to cancel all these friend requests, just click the cancel button on each one by one.

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