How to Create Unlimited Email Accounts Without Phone Number

How to Create Unlimited Email Accounts Without Phone Number

Do you want to create an email account without a phone number? Yes, you can create unlimited email accounts without phone number. How to create unlimited email accounts without phone number? You can read this step by step guide to the end.

Many of us need email accounts to receive important messages. Sometimes we need to create more email accounts for different reasons and purposes.

But the problem is many email services ask your phone number to verify your account.

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How to create unlimited email accounts without phone number

Which email service will not ask for the phone number to verify the account? The answer is, there are many email services that do not ask phone number to verify the account.

The best email service that does not ask the phone number when creating an account is Yandex.

Yandex is a search engine which is mostly used in Russia. This is a Russian based company. Yandex provides email services and it operates many products.

Yandex is available worldwide and it can be easily accessible in any country. It is the best email service (my personal opinion) after Gmail and yahoo mail.

The best thing I like about this email service that the phone number is optional and you do not require to enter your phone and verify it.

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Steps to Use Yandex Email Service to Create an Account Without Phone Number

As I already told you that this email provider that does not ask for a phone number. Follow these steps to create your email account on Yandex.

1. You just need to open the website Yandex Mail.

2. Click on the register button to create your account.

3. Now fill in all the details like the first name, last name, email address, and set a password.

4. In the Mobile Phone Number option, Click on I don’t have a mobile phone. After clicking on this option, you will be asked to enter a security question and then write an answer to the security question that you have selected.

Simply select a security question and answer the question. Note the answer on your notebook or word file because it will be needed in case if you forgot the password of your account to recover it.

How to Create an Email Account Without Phone Number

This is the end of this guide and I hope this guide has helped you. Yandex is the best and secure email service that does not require a phone number but if you want to verify your phone number then you can also do that.


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