How to Get Adsense Approval (Follow these 5 Ways)

adsense approval

Many website owners apply for AdSense worldwide. As it is a popular and best source of website monetization. You have to just place ads to earn money. But, the problem is many websites got rejected for Adsense approval. Google never reject your site if you have followed all the guidelines of the Google Adsense program.

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In this post, I will tell you some ways that you can follow to approve Adsense for your website. It will definitely work for you. I have got AdSense approval on all my websites. So, I am eligible to answer this question based on my opinion.

How to get AdSense approval

If you are a beginner, I recommend you to choose Bluehost to host your website. As I had personally used this hosting as a beginner. That’s why I am suggesting you based on my experience and opinion.

I got the approval on all my websites in a single attempt. I never faced any issue and I always follow all the Adsense guidelines carefully. So, In short description, you have to make all required pages, write 100% unique content, post at least 10 articles before applying for Adsense. I always follow these ways and after that, I apply for Adsense and got approval every time.

1. Make all necessary Pages

Make all the important pages for your website. It includes about, privacy policy, and contact us. You should publish these three pages. As these pages will tell about your website, policies, and also in contact page mention your business or any email address. You can add more pages according to your needs.

Do not try to copy-paste some other website about section. Make your about page unique, that reflects about your website, services, etc.

2. Write Unique Content

Write unique content on your website. Do not copy content from any other website. You can write content by yourself in your language. You can check your content uniqueness using different online tools such as small SEO tools, Grammarly, etc.

3. Post at least 10 to 15 posts

Post at least 10 to 12 articles before applying for Adsense. You should write articles of at least 600 words. It makes the AdSense approval process easy and in the first attempt, your website will surely get accepted. So, you have to follow all the things that I have mentioned in this post. That’s enough to get AdSense approval.

4. Make a site logo

Create a simple logo for your website. You can use any software like photoshop, online software, paint, etc. After that publish your site favicon. It makes your site as a brand. Logo can represent your site. It is another factor, that may help you. So, don’t miss this one also.


5. Create social accounts

Create Facebook and Instagram page for your website. Also, create your website social account on Linkedin and Twitter. That’s it, you have to follow only these five simple steps to get AdSense approval for your website. By using these ways, I have already approved my different websites. Just follow Google guidelines and do your best.

how to get adsense approval


For any questions, doubts, or anything, you can ask or share your opinion in the comment section.


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