5 Best Ways to Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

resize image

This article will solve all your problems related to decrease image size, resize image, online image resizer, resize image online, and photo size reducer in KB. I have made a list of the best online and offline tools, which you can use to reduce image size without losing quality.

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If you are a blogger then image optimization is required for making your website pages fast. Lower the size of the image better will be the loading speed. Apart from blogging, we are required to reduce image size in various works like sending images to someone in a particular size and pixel, when we fill a government/private company form or any other form. Most time they demand a given pixel and photo size (mostly in kb). You can use any of these tools which are on our list. It will definitely help you.

For any purpose, you can use these 5 ways that I have provided in this article. No need for extra software or too many websites. I have listed 2 best websites that help you to reduce image size in KB without losing quality and 3 ways to resize image pixels.

Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

Reduce image size online in KB and resize pixels of your image. If you do not want to lose the quality of the image and want the size of the image in KB. Then, these are the two best options without any second thought.

1. TinyPng

Website: tinypng.com

Whenever I have to decrease the size of an image. Tinypng is always my first choice. But you can not use it to resize the image. For resizing an image I personally use paint, and after resizing the image, I upload it on Tinypng to reduce the size of the image.

It decreases the size of the image in KB, depending on the size of the image. Also, It maintains the quality of the image.

reduce image size

2. Shortpixel

Website: shortpixel.com

Shortpixel is another good website for reducing the size of the image without losing quality. You can reduce image size from MB to KB, depending on the size of the image.

reduce image size in kb

Shortpixel vs TinyPng which one is better

Both are good image optimizer’s to reduce the size of an image. Sometimes shortpixel reduces better than tinypng. But sometimes shortpixel reduces image size better. So, you can use both at a time.

Upload images on both websites. Check the results and then download images according to your need and requirement. I use both sites at a time.

Resize Image

Resize image using paint is easy and you do not require any internet connection for this. To resize an image I personally like paint because it is quick and easy.

1. Paint

Paint is good only to resize an image. After resizing the image you can reduce the size from tinypng or shortpixel. Paint takes very less time to resize the image. To resize an image in paint, right click on the image and then click on edit.

resize image

2. Reduce Images

Website: reduceimages.com

You can use reduce images website to resize and reduce the size of your images. The quality of image after size reduction is not good. You will see a clear difference in tinypng quality and reduceimages.com quality, after size reduction.

resize image online

3. Image Optimizer

Website: imageoptimizer.net

It is another good tool to resize image pixels and reduce the size of the image. It is easy to use. User-interface is easily understandable. You just have to upload your image then type the pixel (maximum height and maximum width) which you want, and select quality (small size, minimum size, etc).

resize image online

Final Words

I personally use these websites and tools to reduce images. After finding and checking different tools & websites, I found these tools helpful. So, I made a list to help you. You can also share your thoughts, opinion, and your software list in the comment section.


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