How to Start A SEO Podcast? – 5 Best Equipment & Microphone for Podcast

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Podcasting is the best way to deliver any information to the audience through audio content. Many companies prefer advertising their products and services by posting a podcast on different social media platforms.

Similarly, google comes up with the daily updates in SEO, and podcasting is the best way to share information with other experts. If the audience is updated with the current SEO trends, the content on the internet will be of high quality and have no issues. Many experts want to start SEO podcasts on their channels and share the Google details with their audience.

In the following write-up, we will discuss how one can start podcasting and what equipment is necessary to create your audio content effectively. We will also discuss the list of microphones and other equipment essential for podcasting. You can develop the best content only when you follow some crucial tips and buy all the equipment.

Tips to Start an SEO Podcast

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  1. First, you must know about your audience and find them on a suitable platform. Before creating any audio content, you must know about the people who can take an interest in it. You have to find an interactive platform to share your podcast and communicate with the audience.
  2. After that, you have to find a relevant topic on which you can create a podcast. Make sure that you research thoroughly before recording any information. Your SEO podcast requires all the information about it in detail.
  3. If you own a site to post a podcast, it can better reach the audience. One can prepare an email list and share valuable content with them.
  4. You should always target keywords regarding the topic in podcast. Make sure that you are always clear about the things you are sharing.
  5. If you need your audio content to be recognized by the search engine, you need to involve transcripts and metadata. If one has any tags, never forget them to add.
  6. You need high-end equipment to record your audio content with relevant tags and other information. You should invest in a good-quality microphone, computer, editing software, etc.
  7. After you complete with the podcast’s development, you must post it on the site and make links on social platforms. Podcasting is the perfect way to attract the targeted audience and easily share your audio content.
  8. In the end, you can easily ask for reviews to know whether the content is useful for the audience or not. You can pay more attention to your next podcast once you know your mistakes or improvements in the previous one.

5 Best Equipment and Microphone for Podcast

To make an amazing podcast, you have to buy some equipment to record the audio content, edit the clip and share the audio content on the site or media platforms. You can buy any microphone or other equipment you like.

1. PodMic by Rode


It is a small and better-quality microphone for podcast making. It records your sound crisp and very clear. Anyone can buy this device as it is budget-friendly. But you have to buy a separate cable for connecting your computer or laptop, and a stand.

You can set the fine-tuning mode to develop high-end audio content. The PodMic model of Rode is quite popular for its amazing sound quality. You can prefer this product as a beginner. It is easy to set up the device parts, and then one can operate as much as you want.

2. Blue Yeti

blue yeti

It is a portable microphone for podcast development. You must change your workplace and record the audio content with this device. You can pick any peaceful place for recording the audio clips by using this device.

It is a great microphone that you can use for skype calls or gaming. This wireless microphone for the podcast comes in omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo recording podcasts. It is easy to record anything with this device, like interviews, group discussions, etc.

3. Synco

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It is the best budget microphone for podcasting that you can buy for recording different audio content. You will never regret what you buy it. Synco is a popular brand for podcasters that gives clear and crisp audio once it is recorded.

You can also cancel the unnecessary noise and make your recording better. The sound quality is amazing, and the buyer will not disappoint once you invest your money in it. This device is one of the amazing podcast mics for beginners to develop perfect audio content.

4. JLab Talk


It is another best phone microphone for podcasting. It is popular because of its excellent sound quality. You can buy this device at an affordable price. It supports four directional patterns that is not available in many other devices.

This podcast microphone for iPhone is easy to assemble and set up for use. It can also record the background noise, but it is easy to edit the audio clip using good software. The recording will be more clear if you record in a peaceful place.

5. Elegato Wave

elegato wave

It is a streaming mic with many benefits. You can connect with a USB and record audio easily. You can get a cardioid recording. It is quite available in an amazing design which is quite attractive for many podcasters.

Make sure that you choose a peaceful place for recording the audio clips as it may catch the background noise. Overall, it is an amazing device for podcasting, and you can prefer it if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can start an SEO podcast by following the mentioned tips. But make sure that you have a high-quality podcast recording tool. You can prefer any device from the mentioned list as per your requirements and budget.

One can come close to your targeted audience by sharing valuable audio content with them. You can advertise, conduct interviews, or participate in group discussions through the podcasts. Whenever you feel that you are ready with the necessary equipment, you can easily start recording and influencing people.