4 Best Investments for Blogging

investments for blogging

Do you have any questions in your mind like best investments for blogging, where to invest in blogging to get high profit, etc, So, In this guide, I will share 4 best investments for blogging that every blogger should try.

Yes, These investments that can help to grow more visitors, affiliate sales, AdSense income if implemented with the right strategy.

I have written only the most important investments and you don’t need to invest in anything at starting except hosting and domain.

But when your income and traffic get increased then you can invest in a premium theme, content writer, and SEO tools.

This is the last chapter of the free blogging guide that covers a total of 18 chapters.

Best Investments for Blogging

If you are investing in the right place and giving proper time to your online business then it can surely help you but starting any online business can take time.

Domain name and Hosting

Domain name and hosting is required for anyone who wants to start a blog. Free blogs are not good for long term business and to build your own brand on the Internet.


For beginners, I suggest Bluehost shared hosting plan for starting a website because it is affordable. But if the budget is not an issue then I highly recommend Cloudways hosting.

Using a trusted brand and Secure web hosting is good for your WordPress website security.

Cloudways digital ocean plan starts from $10 per month and it can easily handle 100k or more visits per month depending on the website optimization.

Premium Theme

I don’t suggest beginners to invest in premium themes but if your blog is getting decent traffic and you are earning at least $40 per month then I suggest investing in Generatepress premium theme.

It is SEO optimized theme, light-weighted, fast, and schema integrated theme.

SEO Tools

If you are a beginner then don’t invest in SEO tools because they are expensive for a beginner. When you start earning at least $300-$400 per month then you can invest in SEMrush lowest plan that costs $99.95 per month.

SEMrush is one of the best and amazing SEO tool that provides a lot of features. There are many free SEO Tools that you can use and it helps you to get more keyword ideas.

Therefore, I suggest using free SEO tools for a beginner but for the experienced bloggers or for those who are earning decent income they can invest in SEMrush to get more traffic, sales, increase domain authority and build backlinks by finding them easily from competitors research and more.

Content Writing

When you start earning a decent income, outsourcing the content writing work to a good content writer is a better idea and then start working on another blog.

By this way, you can easily manage multiple blogs and earn more income. I follow the same steps on my blogs.


I have discussed 4 best investments for blogging in this post.

In short, If you have just started a blog then don’t invest in things like paid blogging courses or in anything. You have to only invest to buy a domain name and good web hosting.

When your website starts getting traffic and you start earning a decent amount then you can invest in SEO tools like SEMrush, hire content writers, and invest in a premium theme.

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