Godaddy vs Bluehost – Based on My Personal Experience and Opinion


This is a straightforward post based on my experience and personal opinion. Which is best Godaddy vs Bluehost for beginners to start a website?

So, without wasting any time I am here sharing with you what I observe between these two hosting providers such as their price, customer support, performance, etc. Godaddy vs Bluehost which one is best for hosting my website?

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Godaddy vs Bluehost

I will talk about both the hosting (GoDaddy vs Bluehost) one by one. Here all that I am writing is based on my opinion and experience after using their hosting plans on my other blogs.

godaddy vs bluehost


I first started my blog in 2015. Currently, I have 2 blogs whose names I don’t want to disclose here on this website. At that time I knew only a few hosting providers.

So, I bought my domain name and hosting from Godaddy (I used a coupon code to reduce some prices). I bought GoDaddy’s shared hosting plan in which they were providing me 512MB of RAM, 100GB of disk space, etc.

Everything was going well at the beginning of 5 months, but after 6 months the traffic increased by almost 3X (approximately 40,000 visitors per month). Godaddy shared plan even cannot handle 1000 visitors per day. Most of the time my website goes down.

I forget to tell you that I bought that domain name and hosting for 1 year. After 1 year of time When I checked how much I had to pay for the renewal, it was almost 5 times the price I paid when I bought it for the first time.

I am not disclosing the price because it is changing from time to time. If you have to ask anything related to this you ask in the comment section below. Due to this, I purchased my hosting from some other hosting provider.

Some pros and cons that I would like to share with you. The good thing that I like is the affordable price. When I started my first blog and I was comparing the prices with other hosting providers. The first year hosting of Godaddy is cheaper than other hosting providers.

But when you renew your domain name and hosting then it is costly. Their shared hosting plan can not even handle 800 or 1000 page views per day.

You may get downtime many times. Yeah but you can upgrade your Godaddy plan according to your need and visitors handling capacity. Overall GoDaddy is an okay (average) option to get started.


I first use Bluehost for hosting one of my blogs in 2018. I bought a VPS hosting standard plan. This plan features include 2GB RAM and 30GB space etc.

This plan performance for my blog is good and has no downtime. Bluehost offers different plans if you are a beginner you should try a shared hosting plan because of its affordable price.

When you compare price for the first year (domain + hosting) then GoDaddy is cheaper than Bluehost. But after 1 year Godaddy renewal is expensive.

Bluehost is a little bit expensive but their plans are worth it. Bluehost gives you good performance for loading your website pages.

Some pros and cons that I would like to share with you. Good things that I like are the Free SSL certificate and a free domain for 1 year in their all plans which is a very important factor for SEO ranking to rank on google 1st pages. They provide good customer support to help you and fix your problems.

Some cons that I would like to share with you. Bluehost should provide free WhoisGuard protection (domain privacy protection).

They have good performance but not the best performance. For shared hosting plans, When your website traffic increases then You may face downtime issues.

Bluehost offers different plans you can upgrade to their other plans according to your need and requirement.


This is my opinion to the Godaddy vs Bluehost – which one should I consider? You can share your personal experience and opinion in the comment section below.

If you want a free SSL, free domain name, and good performance (shared plan) then you should go with Bluehost. If you want cheap hosting (shared plan) for the first year with a decent performance then go with Godaddy. I personally prefer Bluehost over Godaddy.