Best Web Hosting for High Traffic Websites 2024 (10k-1M+)

best web hosting for high traffic websites

Are you looking for Best Web Hosting for High Traffic Websites? In this guide, I have listed 3 best web hosting that you can try to easily handle high traffic.

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Best Web Hosting for High Traffic Websites

I am not going to list too many companies’ name on this list to make you confused. I have only listed the best web hosting for high-traffic websites or medium-traffic websites. Here are of course other providers like Verpex, Godaddy, and so on, but here we will focus on only three.

These web hosting can easily handle 10k – 10 million visits or even more per month easily.

If your website is getting traffic like 10,000 views per day, 100k views per day, or even more then you can use any of these hostings that I have listed but my favourite, most affordable, and value for money is cloudways.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting that provides you with excellent performance, speed, and website security. It offers free CDN in all the plans.

Cloudways offers different plans and specifications. You can choose any of their hosting plans according to the requirement.

Cloudways provide the managed solution for the five popular unmanaged hosting companies and they are Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Vultr, and Google Cloud.

If you don’t know about unmanaged hosting then let me explain it for you in an easy way.

If you know LINUX commands then you can also try for unmanaged hosting. In unmanaged hosting, you have to manage everything by yourself such as setting up your server, Install OS, website updates and patches, maintenance, and website security.

If anything goes wrong then your website will be gone down. This is the reason many bloggers prefer to managed hosting.

Cloudways is affordable and cheaper than many managed web hosting companies like A2hosting, liquidweb, WPX, Knownhost, etc.

Overall, it is the best Web Hosting for High Traffic Websites at affordable prices, excellent security, and CDN.

You can also read cloudways review to know more details like pricing, support, performance, and features.

You can get the cloudways free trail by clicking over here.

2. WPX

WPX is a managed hosting and it is a good web hosting for WordPress. WPX is a well-known company and among the best web hosting for high traffic websites.

It offers free custom CDN, unlimited site migration, SSL certificate for free, Email, Manual backups, WordPress website security to protect from DDoS attacks, malware scanning, and 99.95% uptime guarantee.

You can easily install WordPress on WPX in a single click. WPX also provides a 30-days money-back guarantee.

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3. Bluehost

Bluehost is a good web hosting and I suggest this hosting for beginners because the shared hosting plan of Bluehost is affordable.

But the VPS plans are expensive. Yes, It can handle millions of visitors.

If you are already using Bluehost and you don’t want to migrate to some other web hosting then you can use upgrade to the VPS plans in case if your website traffic gets increased.

You can also read the Bluehost Review to know more details like pricing, support, performance, and features.


If you want affordable hosting to handle more than 150k+ visits per month then Cloudways is the best.

If you have page views between 1000-4000 which means 30k-120k per month (approx) then you can choose Bluehost or WPX on the basis of your budget and requirement.

WPX and Bluehost can also handle millions of traffic per month but they are expensive if you want to handle that much traffic.

Therefore, you have to go with their VPS plans which is expensive when compared to Cloudways.

I hope this list may help you in finding the best web hosting for high traffic websites.


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