How to Create Unclickable Menu in WordPress Without Using #

Create Unclickable Menu

Do you want to create a drop-down menu in which the top bar of the menu is unclickable? In this guide, I will show you how to create an unclickable menu in WordPress without using the #.

You can see the image below in which a website techlector is using an unclickable menu but they are using # to make it unclickable.

wordpress menu

In this tutorial, I will show you both the methods to create a drop-down menu without using # and with the use of #.

It is very easy to create an unclickable menu. If you are a beginner in blogging then you can read this complete blogging guide that covers a total of 18 chapters from basic to advance level.

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Create Unclickable Menu in WordPress

If you notice that I am already using an unclickable menu on my this website (in the left sidebar).

Now, follow these steps to create unclickable menu without using the #.

1. Click on appearance and then go to menus option.

2. Click on the option “create a new menu“.

unclickable menu

3. Give a name to your menu, I have given the name header to the menu that I am going to create. Now, click on the create menu option.

create unclickable menu4. Now, It’s time time to add items like pages, categories, custom links, and posts to the menu. You can create a menu with any of these items.

Now, I will show you how can create an unclickable menu without using any #. If you are using the # for the unclickable menu then it will appear in the URL which is not looking good.

So, by this step, you can create the drop-down menu unclickable without the # in the URL.

For the unclickable menu, you need to add custom links to the menu. On the left side, you will see add menu items. There you will find the custom links.

In the URL, copy and paste the link of your website homepage or any other page and in the link text, You have to type the name of the menu. You can see the image below to understand it quickly.

drop down menu which can not be clicked

5. Now arrange the order and make a drop down menu.

how to make unclickable menu without using #

6. Now click on the home and remove the URL. Click on the save menu. That’s it, your unclickable menu is created.

wordpress menu which can not be clicked

If you want to create a menu with # in the URL then type # in the place of the link that I have removed in the home item.


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