3 Best Blogging Tips on Finding your blog niche

how to find blog niche

Writing a blog seems to be one of the ways a lot of people are now using it as a source of funding. Some people don’t even regard it as a source of making money, they regard it as a medium where they can say what they feel.

Anyways it is a very good way to unclog your mind. Many people spend most of their time surfing the internet; writing a blog that would attract a lot of people will make you some money and would give you a wide range of people to impact. 

However one of the problems with blogging is the fact that there are lots of bloggers who have written about what you are thinking of.

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Many would think of this as a problem because of the high competition, but you can overcome this hurdle by writing a blog about something you are very vast in.

Hence, you must find your niche. And with another variant of Covid-19 lurking, there is a possibility of another lockdown. If that happens, blogging might be a good source of income as you will be coming up with ideas that would interest a lot of bored people that will have nothing to do but surf the internet. 

How to find your blog niche?

blogging niche

There are a plethora of topics you can pick from and start your blog. However, there are three things you will need to consider if you want to have a very good blog. They include:

Passion and Experience

Writing about something that you are passionate about can make you come up with very good blogging, but before you delve into such aspects and explode with the passion that is driving you, you must have had some sort of experience in the field.

blog niche

One thing you must consider before starting a blog is whether you have enough experience in the niche that would help you get a lot of people that will come to your blog.

You shouldn’t blindly start a blog just because you are passionate about the niche. You can be passionate and know nothing as regards the niche. However, if you are that passionate, you can learn more and gain more experience which would give you an edge over others in the same niche.

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When it comes to blog writing, you need to consider whether or not what you are passionate about, and have the experience of dishing out is being sorted after by people.

blog niche

It is going to be like opening a store without having customers. You will need to get a keyword that you are familiar with and you are very comfortable with.

Your niche should be authentic; something that you can create eye-catching content with. You should find a niche that you can come up with keywords that are well searched for on google.


There are various ways in which you can make money from the internet. You can be an affiliate marketer, a freelancer, crypto trader, or you can visit a website like https://casino.netbet.com/in/, and make money just by pressing your phone.

However, if you want to make money with your blog, it must be peculiar. And in this instance, peculiarity means that your blog must have some sort of uniqueness that differentiates it from another blog that does the same niche.

Also, a peculiarity in this instance means that your blog must have a particular thing it talks about. You might have experience and passion for many things, but having a blog that talks about it all wouldn’t be the best idea.

Your blog should be a spot where one or two of your fiery passion can be displayed. 


The idea of coming up with a blog is a very good one, but it is very competitive. Many people even end up giving up on their blogs because they couldn’t cope.

However, if you want to impact, and at the same time make money with your blog, follow the tips that have been given in the article.


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