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15 Best Ways to Get More Instagram Engagement on Stories

This guide will definitely help you to improve Instagram engagement. Do you know how many people use the remarkable stories feature on Instagram? It is 2 billion! Surprising? Instagram stories are a fantastic way for social media users to connect with global business ventures, influencers, celebrities, and obviously, their close ones! In this piece, we have some amazing ways to boost your Instagram engagement. But before that, let’s see what the hype is about.

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Instagram Engagement: What Is It?

Having splendid Instagram story ideas doesn’t always ensure maximum audience engagement. Marketing on social media is currently booming with new opportunities. But the catch isn’t how many viewers you have. Rather, it is the number of people who will act after seeing your story! This is what Instagram engagement is all about. Did someone share your story? Or liked your post? Yes, everything is in the domain of Instagram Engagement, and this helps Instagram place importance on your content.

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Amazing ways to boost your Instagram engagement

Below I have listed more than 10 amazing ways that you can read to boost Instagram engagement for stories and followers.

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Listen to the audience

This is the key to shooting up your Instagram engagement. Yes, targeting the correct audience is important. But you know what is more important? Realizing what your audience is expecting from your business. You can use the Instagram analytics option to create resonating content.

Follow trending footsteps

Jumping onto what is already trending will no doubt boost your audience engagement. It helps attract a lot of attention and target the correct audience too. You can schedule your stories for optimum reach, make sure that they are posted in high-traffic spans, and also use trending mentions and locations!

Make aesthetic designs

What better way to reach out to a pool of audience than by creating aesthetic designs? Creating artistic designs for yourself will add a personal touch to your stories and connect better with the audience. Your audience will recognize your brand by a simple glance at your aesthetic touch!

Brand collaboration

Roadblock on new ideas? Try collaborating with other brands! You can promote a few of their products or even opt for co-designing your products. You can also host a live event together. This will add a fresh look to your products, and your audience will get something new to explore. Do you know what more you will get? A new audience pool!

Converse more

Traditional commercials and advertisements have become extremely boring. To keep your audience hooked to your Instagram stories, encourage conversation. You can ask for feedback or make suggestions for your next few Instagram story ideas. You can add some poll stickers or question stickers. Furthermore, you can repost the answers you receive, and voilà! Likewise, you will have an automatic story view. 

Sounds and Prompts

Do you always keep your sound on while browsing the IG stories or feed? No right? It’s the same with your audience. The best remedy for it is to let them know to turn their audio on with stickers! Even better, you can write down some of the major points that you would like to convey. You can use prompts as well and give your audience the option to know more if they tap on your story.

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Hashtags are a savior!!

Using hashtags will give your story more reach. These tags help to reach out to an unknown audience pool. But one thing you must make sure of is that you are using the most popular ones. Otherwise, they might lose their chance of discovery. If you don’t want your hashtag to oddly pop out, you can blend it in with colors or smartly hide it behind a GIF.

Cross-promoting the stories

Just like you promote your feed posts via stories, it’s the reverse. Many times, feed posts get more attention than stories, especially when you need to write long captions. You can also use CTAs (Call to Action) to boost the reach.

Add a pinch of creativity

What is an IG story without some creativity, isn’t it? There are more than 500 million users who use IG stories to promote their content. So, how do you keep aside from the crowd? Use your creativity! You can use the outstanding animation options. You can also use wallpapers to add more value to the story. 

Make stories that are ‘Screenshot-able’

By making your stories available for screenshots, you can engage your audience in fun games. You can opt for a bingo game for your office colleagues or friends. Furthermore, you can also arrange a This or That game to gain ideas on your next product launch!

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Catchy Instagram story ideas that will help you boost audience engagement

Now that you know the ways to keep your audience hooked to your IG story, here are a few fantastic Instagram story ideas for you!


Instagram has a fabulous option of adding countdowns to your stories. Is it your BFFs birthday? Or are you planning to announce a grand event? Drop a story with a countdown to draw the attention of your audience.

Releasing a teaser

Before you launch your wonderful product, drop a teaser. This way, you can ensure your audience will show up for the actual product.

Arrange a contest

Engage your audience with a contest. You can ask them to share your story or add their own unique story and tag your account. But don’t forget to declare the winner!

Bloopers or Behind the scene actions

Adding bloopers to your story before you release the actual one is always a hit. This keeps the audience intrigued and glued to IG for your next story. 

Begin your own series

Content series is a great way to increase your Instagram engagement. Have a new recipe on your mind? You can create an IG series out of it. Or, would you like to share some of your own art, maybe a DIY guide? These are great ideas to create engaging series.

Final Thoughts

IG stories are a fun and creative way to stay connected with your followers. It is never possible to drop a new post to your feed every day. But a story? Why not. With these tips, now you can boost your IG engagement and keep your audience captivated.


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