Some Common Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

blogging mistakes

Blogging has been prevalent for quite a long time. People love to learn about things they are not familiar with, especially regarding the niches they are interested in. Bloggers write blogs to satisfy the demands of such people. For instance, you will find a lot of people reading blogs related to the fashion industry enthusiastically. The same is the case with blogs related to the automobile industry.

While some people like to read blogs out of pure interest, many people want to learn something new from those blogs and implement the takeaways in their professional careers. Take the example of digital marketing, you will find many people who are working as digital marketers themselves, reading blogs to know the top trends in the digital marketing industry.

The aforementioned types of people, who read blogs, build an emotional affiliation with the bloggers they read regularly. Such people see the bloggers they read as influential figures, that can help them look at an object, concept, or event from a completely different angle. They trust bloggers as the people who will provide them with accurate facts and figures.

Keeping all the things discussed above in mind, bloggers must be vigilant while writing and sharing their blog posts. They are likely to make some common mistakes that should be avoided under any circumstances. We have put together some valuable details about such mistakes to help bloggers avoid those mistakes. Further details are given below:

Choosing the Wrong Niche

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One of the most common mistakes many bloggers make is choosing the wrong niche. You need to be careful about a few things while choosing a niche for blogging purposes. These things include the interest of the audience, your knowledge about that particular niche, and your convenience.

If you are picking a niche that is not in demand, then you are making a huge mistake. No matter how much you know about the niche, if the targeted audience is not interested in that niche, then there is no point in writing blogs on it.

As a blogger, you also need to have some knowledge about the niche you are working on. If you have very minimal knowledge about a particular niche, you may write up a few blogs on it initially, but you will end up facing difficulty in writing content regularly because of the lack of substantial knowledge.

Now coming to the third point, you should make sure you are comfortable while writing in a specific niche. You may have substantial knowledge regarding a particular niche, but if you are not comfortable writing on it, then you will face challenges while writing content on it after some time.

Inability to Include Accurate Facts and Figures

When you are writing blogs on a particular niche, the audience you are targeting relies on you for the news relevant to that niche. Some bloggers are likely to include some facts and figures that may turn out to be false because of lazy journalism.

Some bloggers may rely on a single source only while doing research and don’t feel the need of verifying the fact or figure from any other credible source. Including false facts and figures may turn out to be a problem for the people who read your blogs.

If the issue of false facts and figures prevails for a longer duration, you may end up losing a significant percentage of people who come to read your blog. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that every single news, fact, or figure, you are including in your blog posts is true.

The best solution to this issue is to verify the ambiguous facts and figures from credible sources, such as BBC, CNN, New York Times, and Forbes. Moreover, Statista can be a credible source for you if you want to include some figures in your blog post.

Including Duplicate Content

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Another mistake you might make as a blogger is not being vigilant about duplication in your content. Your writing style is likely to resemble the writing style of another blogger, which can result in duplication. Additionally, you are likely to become a victim of influenced writing.

The aforementioned factors can result in plagiarized content that will be included in your blog posts. It should be noted that neither the search engines nor the targeted audience appreciates plagiarism. You may end up losing the search engine rankings of your blog posts as well as the trust of your audience. The best way to avoid such a problem is to keep an eye out for accidental plagiarism. You need to check plagiarism of your content before using it, and this is possible with the help of a plagiarism detector. You will find plenty of tools available online that allow you to check plagiarism free of cost, but you should choose a reliable plagiarism tool. If you are confused about selecting the tool, you can use the plagiarism checker by for this purpose, it gives accurate results and doesn’t save content in its database

Not Using Compelling Graphics

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Undoubtedly, the textual content of a blog post plays an important role in delivering the required information to the targeted audience. However, the graphics that are posted with the blog post play a crucial role in enticing the audience to read that blog post.

Many bloggers don’t understand this concept and overlook the importance of compelling graphics in blog posts. As a blogger, you should understand that no one is interested in reading long paragraphs of text without having relevant images to understand the context and purpose of a blog post.

Bloggers should look for relevant graphics such as royalty-free images, stock graphics, and infographics to be posted with the blog posts to keep the audience engaged and make them read the entire blog post. There are plenty of sources where you can get the required type of images and graphics easily.

Stock websites like Unsplash allow you to use royalty-free images without paying a single dime. Simply pick the relevant images from sources like the one that is mentioned above to make your blog posts more engaging.