How to Make Money From Instagram – Complete Guide

earn money from instagram

In a modern generation, Social media has become the daily routine of people. There are Crores of people using Instagram every day. Most people using it to see their friend’s activities, pictures, funny videos, news, and other stuff. This is the right time for you to create your own Instagram page and start posting your work. This is the complete guide, Everything is written briefly on how to make money from Instagram.

There are approximately 1 billion active users on Instagram every month. But in this large active users, Only a few people (when considering the active users worldwide) know the right way to earn good money from Instagram.

I will tell you how to make money from Instagram and generate a good income. This is the step by step guide free complete course where you will learn about how to make money from Instagram and commonly asked questions.

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Things You Need to do

To earn money from Instagram, first, you have to follow these steps.

  1. Create a business account – First, create your business account on Instagram. Give a name to your Instagram page.
  2. Select a niche (particular category) – Select a specific category and start posting content related to that category only.
  3. Start your work – Start posting your photos and videos to your Instagram page.
  4. Post regularly – You have to be regular to increase your followers. Try to post 1 photo per day or 4 photos per week. Posting regular content engages more users and increases your followers.
  5. Post photos and videos – Posting photos and videos will boost your followers. So, I will suggest you post video content also.
  6. Update stories – Updating Instagram stories on a daily or weekly basis will help in user interaction towards your content and page.
  7. Write a good Bio about your page – A good bio represents your page theme and also give a boost to grow your followers.
  8. Use hashtags – It works as an SEO of Instagram. Good use of hashtags will help you to gain organic followers (who come from search). Suppose I posted a photo on a USA trip now I can type hashtags such as #USA #VisitTheUsa #beach #USAtrip #BeautifulPlacesOfUSA etc.
  9. Give the link to your website (Optional) – This thing is not necessary for earning money from Instagram. But if you have a website then you must give the link of your website in the bio. It will increase your website traffic.

How to Make Money From Instagram

If you are new and looking to start an Instagram page and earn money from it then just read all these steps. It will help you to discover different ways of earning money from Instagram. Instagram is definitely a good place for earning handsomely if you have good followers on your Instagram account.

how to make money from instagram

1. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are one of the best ways of earning money from the Instagram account. In fact, This is the major Income source for many Instagram pages.

Companies will contact you if they find your page useful for promoting their products, services, and other related things.

Niche selection is the most important factor for sponsored posts. Suppose If your Instagram page niche is based on gadgets, apps, etc then you get sponsored from mainly tech, IT, and phone companies. If your niche is based on fashion, clothing, and makeup then companies working in these business sectors will contact you for sponsored posts.

A sponsored post is the way by which companies want to promote their business, products, services, etc to reach more people. Therefore, they are looking for Influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, youtube, etc.

Companies will pay you for sponsored posts.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate links are another best way to earn money from an Instagram account. In affiliate marketing, you have to promote an affiliate link of a product or service to your followers and If someone buys the product or service using your affiliate link then you will get a commission for selling that product.

You can not add affiliate links to your Instagram posts but you can promote affiliate link products in your story or Bio.

Some best affiliate programs that you can use to earn money from Instagram.

  • Amazon
  • CJ
  • ShareASale
  • Flipkart

There are many affiliate programs that you can join.

3. Selling your own products and Services

Do you sell any products or services? If you have a business that deals with selling products and services then Instagram is one of the good platforms for promoting your products and services to increase your sales and expand your business.

You can get more exposure to your business. You can run an ad campaign using your Instagram page to get more people to know about your business, products, and services.

Many people selling their products using the Instagram platform. For selling a product you can give your product link in bio or add your product link to your story.

4. Website

If you have a website or blog then you can add it in your Instagram account bio. Adding your website URL in your give boost to your website traffic and due to this traffic of your website increases, you will get more revenue from the ads displayed on your website.

Adding a website URL in your Instagram Bio will be beneficial and one of the best ways to earn money from the Instagram account.

Many website owners use this way to earn more money. You have definitely seen this type of Instagram profile in which you get the URL of the website in Bio. When you click on it, you get to that person’s website

earn money from website using Instagram

If your followers are visiting your site via the URL you provided in the description Bio then It will increase your website traffic which helps you to earn money in different ways such as from ads on your website, sponsored posts, increase in selling products on your site (If your website is based on product selling platform), direct advertisement, etc.

5. Sell your photos and Videos

You can sell your premium photos and earn money from Instagram. How do I sell photos and videos? You can sell your photos and videos on Instagram in the following ways

  • Make an Instagram story and in that, Write about you are selling your premium photos and videos. Anyone who is interested in it can contact you. People who are interested will contact you and you can sell them your photos and videos.
  •  You can sell photos by making an Instagram page related to photography and a photography website. In your photography website, You can list your photos and their rates for selling the photo. You can add this link to your Instagram Bio and people who are interested to buy photos will directly buy from your site.
  • You can sell your photos and videos to famous Instagram pages who accept photos and videos and in return, they will give money for your work. Note – Not all Instagram pages accept anyone photos and videos but you can try to contact the admin of the page if you have something unique or good content. If they find it useful for their page, then they will give you money for your content.

6. Sell Your Instagram Account

You can earn money by selling your Instagram account. If you have not the time to post regularly on your Instagram page or for any other reason. For selling your Instagram account you can use any of these platforms –  Facebook groups, forums, Fameswap, Socialtradia,  etc.

You can post in the various Facebook groups that you are selling an Instagram page. When people will ask you about pricing you can tell them to message in your Inbox If you do not want to disclose the price in public.

You can use websites like Fameswap, Socialtradia, etc to sell your Instagram account.

Contact brokers, they will find a customer for your Instagram page and in return, they want some commission.

7. Donation

If you are running a non-profit organization or any type of Instagram page. You can add a donation link in your Bio. How to add a donation link or ask people to donate money?

If your followers are from a worldwide region then you can use PayPal to accept payment and donation from anywhere in the world.

But why people donate to you? If you are doing any good work then there is an opportunity that someone can donate money for your good work (such as helping someone, rescue someone in trouble, social works, helping the injured animals, protecting animals, etc) otherwise why anyone will donate you for no reasons. Therefore, if you are thinking of adding donation links to your bio, then be ready to do some good work first.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. How many followers do I need to make money from Instagram?

This is the most common question that comes into our mind. How much I will earn? How to make money from Instagram? To start earning from Instagram, You need at least 1000+ followers. But this is a small amount. You can not even make a decent amount from 1000+ followers.

You need at least 30,000-50,000 followers to earn a decent income. For earning a good income you should have 1 million followers or more than this.

2. How do I receive money?

To receive your payments I suggest you create an account on PayPal. It is one of the best payment methods to receive and send money anywhere in the world. Most of the companies pay out money to Influencers through PayPal.

3. How much money can I earn from the Instagram page?

Earning money from the Instagram page depends on many factors such as how many followers your Instagram page has, your Instagram page niche, type of content, followers engagement, etc.

For an Instagram account that has 50,000 followers (fifty thousand), you can earn between $50-$250 or even more than this depend upon the things that I have written above.

If you have an Instagram account having more than 100,000 followers (1 lakh followers) then you can earn between $100-$500 or more per sponsored post.

If you have an Instagram account having more than 1,000,000 followers (1 million followers) then you can earn between $400-$3500 or more per sponsored post.

4. How do I Increase my Instagram Followers?

Increasing real followers will take some time but it will be worth it Rather than increasing fake followers. Increasing real followers gives you a better result, a good amount of followers reach your posts, better user engagement.

For increasing real followers, You have to keep up your work, post regularly, post unique content, use hashtags, pay to Instagram for organic reach.

In short Summary

How to make money from Instagram. I have listed 7 ways to earn money from the Instagram page and they are sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, sell your own products and services, website, sell your photos and videos, sell your Instagram account and ask to donate.

The best methods to earn money from Instagram

  1. Sponsored posts
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sell your own products and services
  4. Website

If you want to make money from Instagram then the above four options are the best for earning good Income. You can share this post to help other people.