How to See Instagram Stories and Profiles Anonymously 

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Do you want to see Instagram stories of your friends/family/girls or anyone without knowing them? In this post, we will guide how to do it, and using this you can see Instagram stories anonymously. You can stalk anyone’s profile and you do not need any Instagram account to see it.

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Many times for different reasons, most of us stalk someone’s profile to see their photos. So, this guide will help you. You can read our step by step guide.

How to See Instagram Stories anonymously

There are many websites available on the internet that provide such services for free. But in this post, I will list two websites where you can easily see Instagram stories without any problem or error.

1. Insta Stalker

Instastalker is a great website where you can search for any Instagram profile. But if you want to search for any particular profile. Then, you should know the complete insta-id name. It is because there are so many profiles on Instagram it becomes difficult to find without knowing the ID of that person.

If you are checking your friend/family or anyone’s Instagram story using Instastalker. So they will not know that you have seen their story. We have manually checked it six times. There is nothing shown in the Instagram story. So, We can say that it is a good website to use.

Steps for using Instastalker 

1. Open the website and search for a person.

2. To show you an example, I have searched for Amanda.

insta stalker

You can see the stories in the image and also all the public posts of the user.

Note – You can not see any private account using this website or any other website. Whoever claims that they can show an Instagram private account is fooling users. So, don’t trust such websites.


  • Easy to use, fast and user-friendly interface
  • See Instagram stories anonymously
  • Browse Instagram profiles anonymously
  • Sign-up or login is not required

2. Insta-stories

Insta stories is similar to Instastalker. You can see and browse Instagram profiles and stories without knowing your friends/family or anyone. You can see the full-size profile picture of any Instagram user. Overall it is a good website.

Steps for using Insta Stories

1. Open the website

2. Search for the person or any particular profile.

see instagram stories anonymously

3. See photos and stories anonymously

see instagram stories


  • See full-size Instagram DP
  • Download Instagram profile picture
  • See Insta stories
  • Check Instagram profiles


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