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In this guide, You will read about the website dramacool and the active working link of the website. The currently active URL is dramacool9.co.

Drama cool websites provide Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, hong kong, Thailand and Chinese drama.

General Information

Type of Website: Drama, KShow, and movies watching website

Subscription: Not required

Availability: Worldwide

Active Website: https://www.dramacool9.co/

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Dramacool is a good source for watching Asian dramas, movies and Kshow English sub in HD. The website is absolutely free for everyone. Every month millions of users browse this website to watch movies and drama.

You can watch all the latest updates on drama and KShow. The website also offers a section of upcoming movies. So, you can use this section to know all the upcoming movies.

Movies and drama that you can watch:

  • Korean movies and drama
  • Chinese movies and drama
  • Taiwanese movies and drama
  • Hongkong movies and drama
  • Japenese movies and drama
  • Thailand drama

Dramacool9.co – The active link

The currently active URL of the website is dramacool9.co. You can use this link to browse the website on your phone or on the computer. If the website is not working in your area then you can use a free proxy like filterbypass.me to unblock the website.


Dramacool9 is a good website for watching Asian drama shows and movies. The good thing is you can watch in English sub, video quality is above average, and it is free to use.


Q1. Is drama cool a safe website?

Yes, it is safe to watch dramas and movies. But we always advise not to disclose any personal information on the website.

Q2. Is it free to watch movies and drama on dramacool?

Yes, This website provides movies, dramas, KShow for free.

Q3. Which one is the working site dramacool9.co or dramacool.com?

The working URL of this website is dramacool9.co

Q4. Why the videos are running slow?

First check your internet connection, if it is fine. Then boost your device using any app. Turn off and then ON the internet. Close unwanted tabs and applications that are using the internet.

Now, surf the website. We can not say any accurate information about this because there may be many reasons for running a slow video.

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