6 Full-Proof Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

increase social media engagement

We live in a day and age where vanity metrics are the most sought after. And one of the most prominent vanity metrics is the number of social media followers. 

An increase in the number of social media followers may seem exciting and like a definite win.

But all these followers will be of no use if they aren’t engaging with your content.

Social media engagement is what you must look out for.

Because engagement shows how invested your followers are in your brand, products, and services. 

When your followers engage with you on social media, they are essentially spending their precious time on you.

This is a definite indicator of their interest in your offerings.

Over time, the most engaged followers are the ones who are likely to convert and become your life-long customers.

They are the ones who would refer your brand to others and may even turn into your brand advocates for life.

If you are wondering how to increase your social media engagement by urging your followers to interact with you, this article is just for you.

Let’s look at how you can increase your social media engagement and boost your ROI and increase your revenue.

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1. Pick the Right Social Media Platforms

Picking the right social media channel is almost half the battle fought.

Without knowing the right social media platform, you might be shooting blind arrows. All your efforts would be a waste.

So, start by creating your buyer personas.

You can do this through research or by directly talking to your ideal customers.

Gather information on the most popular social media platforms used by your target audience. And start focusing on these specific social media channels.

2. Spy on Your Top Competitors

Spying on your competitors is a great way to know what drives the most engagement in their social media feed. 

For this, try to pick competitors whose audience overlaps with yours.

Go through their social media feed to see which posts of theirs get the most engagement.

Engagement can be in the form of shares, comments, and likes.

Analyze their top posts and try to pick on any common patterns. 

For example, you might notice that your competitors drive the most engagement when they share a by creating graphical abstracts.

So, you too can also create graphical illustrations and add them to the content.

3. Experiment with New and Trending Content Formats

Social media platforms keep coming up with new content formats quite frequently.

And these content formats tend to perform better as the social media algorithms will boost posts with such new-age formats much than others.

For example, Instagram recently introduced “Reels,” which are short 30 second videos.

The brands that were quick to catch up to the trend saw a considerable boost in their engagement. Hence, keep an eye out for such new content formats.

4. Engage with your Audience in the Comments Section

No matter how big of a brand you are, engaging in the social media comments section is essential for boosting your engagement. 

If your following is huge, then you might not find replying to each comment feasible.

In that case, try to outsource your social media management to see an increase in your engagement.

And, “engage” doesn’t just mean liking the comments.

Instead, try to start meaningful conversations with your followers. They are spending their time to comment on your posts.

Plus, a genuine comment from your end shows that you care about the responses of your viewers.

Hence the best you can do is to reply with a meaningful comment.

5. Create a User-Generated Content Strategy

User-generated content has been one of the hottest social media trends this year and is going to continue in the upcoming years as well.

User-generated content is a brilliant strategy where your followers create content for your brand.

Many brands have adopted a user-generated content strategy to skyrocket their social media engagement. 

All you have to do is create a catchy hashtag specific for the user-generated content campaign and ask your followers to post using this hashtag.

In exchange, you can offer them an incentive like goodies or a chance to get featured on your website or social media.

Using this strategy, you’ll see a huge number of followers creating content using this hashtag. And, you’ll also find an increase in your follower count.

6. Monitor your Engagement Metrics

Lastly, without monitoring your social media engagement metrics, you wouldn’t know if things are working out for you well.

Monitor comments, likes, reshare, and traffic from your social media channels.

All these strategies and tactics that you used should show considerable improvement in your social media engagement.

Only then it is wise for you to stick to these strategies.

Also, you’ll find some strategies yielding better results than other ones.

Therefore, consistently track your engagement metrics to get eye-opening insights to increase your social media engagement even more.

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Final Thoughts

Social media followers aren’t of much use for your business unless they engage with your posts and content.

So, it is imperative that you start focusing on improving your social media engagement rather than increasing your follower count.

Always remember that any marketing activity is a long-term game.

You need patience, skills, and persistence to scale your business through marketing and advertising.

Use the super-effective tactics listed down in this guide to steer you in the right direction for improving your social media engagement.

You’ll soon see a massive boost in the ROI of your business.