8 Useful apps – Best Learning apps For Everyone

learning apps

This list comprises of 8 best useful apps that will help you in the study. These are useful education apps that will enhance your academic reports and improve your skills in different subjects. If you want to improve your knowledge and learn something new every day. Then, I recommend you to check these learning apps.

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8 Useful apps – Best Learning Apps for Everyone

learning apps

1. Youtube

Youtube is a popular place to watch videos. It is also the second most popular website in the world (as of 2019). Every day lots of videos related to educational tutorials, funny videos, DIY, travel, tech, useful apps, etc uploaded.

Therefore, You have a variety of tutorials easily available on the website or on the youtube app. You will learn any subjects free of cost. This is my favorite platform when I talk about learning apps. There are many useful channels to learn any particular subject and score good marks in academics.

2. Udemy

Udemy is a website known for providing educational video courses. It is an online learning platform where you can learn and improve your skills. There are many tutorials and categories available for the students.

You can learn web and Android development, different programming languages, game development, software testing, personality development, etc. You can buy the course and start your studies. Udemy offers High-quality courses and content in-depth. So, the users will understand it clearly and get the job in his profession.

Website: udemy.com

Mobile App: Udemy

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3. Coursera

Coursera app is available on the play store. You can say it’s an Udemy alternative. It is an online learning app and also has a website. Coursera offers different courses as well as degree and certificates.

Website: coursera.org

Mobile App: Coursera

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great place to learn anything for free. Yes, it is a free platform. It means you can use its website and app for free. You have to create an account on the khan academy. You will get your video tutorial related to your subject, practice exercises, and materials.

Website: khanacademy.org

Mobile App: Khan Academy

5. Quora

It is a popular question and answers website in the world. You can select your interested topics and categories. So, you will see the questions and answers related to your topics only.

You can follow questions, categories, and people on Quora. I think it is an amazing and best place to share and gain knowledge.

Website: quora.com

Mobile App: Quora

6. Hello English

Hello English is an English improving app. You can check this app if you want to improve your communication skills.

Mobile App: Hello English

7. Brainly

Brainly is one of the good online learning apps. You can learn different subjects using this app like English, maths, history, social studies, etc.

Mobile App: Brainly

8. Tutorials point

Tutorials point is another great website. You can download the tutorial point app. Which is available on the app store, Google play store, and windows store. There are various subject tutorials available on this platform. They provide tutorials from scratch to the end.

Website: tutorialspoint.com

Mobile App: tutorials point

Other Useful learning apps and websites

  • W3schools: Learn web development HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, and more
  • WikiHow: How to tutorials for almost everything.
  • Wikipedia: A great place to know anything in brief detail.
  • Sololearn: Learn to code and make programming easy.
  • Photomath: Useful app for learning math
  • StackOverflow: Useful app/website for developers to learn coding or technical stuff.
  • Duolingo: Learn speaking different languages like French, Spanish, and other languages
  • TED talks: Learn new things from expert speakers and their experience.
  • Codeacademy: Learn to code
  • HackerRank


If you are looking for improving your knowledge of particular subjects. Then, You should install check the 8 apps of our list. This may help you. Also, you can check our other useful learning apps list. These apps are really helpful for improving skills and getting good jobs. You can learn new things every day.

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