What is Classzone and How to Use it?


Classzone is an online tool that helps students to find books. In 2024, HMH education announced that they will be retiring classzone and the reason is the age of this application, technologies used in this platform are old. Therefore, this application is not able to benefit from the latest technical improvements in web technology such as HTML5, CSS, accessibility, JS, and security.

Official Website: classzone.com

What is Classzone?

Classzone is an online book finder tool. The domain name was first registered on the date 16 September 1998. You can sign in to your account and if you do not have an account on this website then you can create your student account. If you are a teacher then you can sign up as a teacher.

classzone loginSign-in is not required. It is optional but if you want to have an account on this website as a teacher or student then you can create it. I have already my account on this site and it looks like this when you logged in.

classzone sign in

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How to Use Classzone?

1. Open the official website class zone.

2. There is a total of five subjects available on this website. The subject names are Language arts, math, science, social studies, and world languages.

3. To find a book related to the topic select your subject and then choose whether you are in middle school or high school. Now, select your location and then click on find the book.

classzone com

4. You can see all the available books on your screen.

classzone books

5. You can open any of these books and start practicing math, browse resources, animated math for easy learning, assessment, learn formulas, and check solutions. You can also have the access to the teacher’s toolkit.


Classzone is a good place for reading and learning different subjects, doing assessments, revising formulas, improving calculations, and browsing books for middle and high school.

It provides five different subjects that you can choose to find books on the topics you want. Overall, it is a good platform for learning and finding your books online but due to technological advancement, HMH will be retiring class zone.

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