Libby Review: Is it the best app for ebooks and audiobooks


Libby is a popular mobile app offered by overdrive. Using this app you can easily get access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks.

General Information

App Name: Libby

Offline Access: Yes, It is available if you want to download ebook for offline reading 

App Availability: Worldwide

Available on: Google Play and Apple app store

Supported Operating System: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

The developer of this App: OverDrive, Inc

Official Website:

You can find nearby Libby library and then browse ebooks and audiobooks for free. You can download Libby app for android on Play Store and also from the apple app store.

In this review, We will cover everything related to this app. This app is easy to operate and provides handy ebooks. It has libraries from all over the world.

What is Libby?

It is a popular mobile app offered by overdrive. As per the data 2024, Libby app has over 1 million downloads worldwide on Google Play Store with an average rating of 4.5.

Libby von OverDrive
Libby von OverDrive
Developer: OverDrive, Inc.
Price: Free

How to use the Libby app?

To use this app, simply download and Install it and then follow these steps

1. If you have a library card, then you have to tap on Yes. But, In case if you do not have a library card then you can find any nearby library to your location and get your card.

Nowadays, most libraries offer online cards. So, find your nearby library and get a card online.


2. Now, you can choose any of these 3 options according to your requirement. I have libby installed on my 1st phone. So, I am selecting the first option to copy the setup code from my other device.

libby app

3. Now, you can browse ebooks and audiobooks. You can also search for some specific book that you need or search for author.

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How to find my Library

You can easily find your libraries, you need to allow your location to this app. Then, Libby will show you all the nearby public libraries.

ebooks and audiobooks overdrive

The other way is you can look up your library by name or location. I am living in Newyork, now if I have to find a library in new york.

I can write the library name in the search box or simply write Newyork to see all the libraries available in my city. You can also search by using the zip code.

libby library

Is it a useful app?

I found this app pretty much useful in my daily life. It helps me to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from my local library instantly for free. The process is very easy, I need only my device. So, overall it is a very useful app that you should try.

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  1. Easily borrow any book at your fingertip with few taps.
  2. The other feature that I like is we can read the notes, bookmarks, etc across our devices.
  3. Now, this is my favorite feature, When I am driving the car I can listen to the audiobooks using Apple CarPlay and android auto.
  4. You can download ebooks and audiobooks so that you can read them without the internet. It is a good option for offline access.
  5. If you want to track your reading history you have to tap on the activity tab.


These are some frequently asked questions related to this topic. It may help you to solve your doubts.

Is Libby free or paid? Is there any pricing or subscription plan available?

Ans. This app is completely free to use. You can use it on your phone or PC. There is no subscription plan, it is totally free.

Can I read my books on my kindle?

Ans. Yes, you can read the books on your kindle. You can send your library books to kindle using the Libby app. But as of 2024, it is available only in U.S.A libraries.

Why I can’t find libraries near me on Libby?

Ans. Libby app works with public libraries. So, the one possible reason may be your library is not a public library and the other reason maybe your library does not use OverDrive to lend ebooks and audiobooks.

Which types of book can I read and for How many days I can borrow a book?

Ans. You can read all the books which are provided by your library on the Libby app.
Different libraries have different lending rules. You can confirm this from your library for how many days you can borrow a book and how many books you can take at a time. So, it can be for 21 days and even more or less than this.