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Kahoot Guide for Students to Play Kahoot

Are you a new user on Kahoot? This guide will help all the new users to create a new account on Kahoot and start playing it with family and friends. We have discussed all the questions about Kahoot login. So, be sure to read it till the last to understand each step.

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We have provided all the information that you need to know. We have already discussed the topic to create a Kahoot, cool Kahoot names, price, different plans, and the ways to play this game.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a popular platform for learning and improving skills by playing games, a quiz with classmates, friends, family. Basically, you have to create a quiz and give multiple choices and this quiz is called a Kahoot. Now, you can share the Kahoot that you have published with your friends and challenge them to play it.

It can be generated/created by any registered user on Kahoot. According to the official figures, every year more than 1 billion players used it to play at schools, at home, at the office, and at work. Anyone can create a Kahoot and host the Kahoot game to engage friends, family members, or anyone.

Kahoot Sign in and Signup

There are two official websites

1. – This is the main site where you can create your account, buy or see the plans, and explore all the games.

2. – On this website, you need to enter the Kahoot pin to play the game. How do you get this pin? Any user who has an existing account or recently created Kahoot can provide you this pin. But how to find such people? It is a popular platform. Therefore, it is likely that your friends, family members, or neighbors are already using it. You can ask them to provide a PIN. So, you can know how it works. Or, you can create your own quiz and then host it.

Kahoot Sign in and Kahoot Signup –  If you are a new user you can follow these steps

1. Open the website and click on the login button.

kahoot login

2. Click on the sign-up button. You can also use Google or Microsoft accounts to signup and login.

kahoot login

3. Now, you have four choices to use Kahoot as a teacher, student, socially or at work. Select the option according to your profile.

kahoot sign in

4. Now, Kahoot sign up with your Google or Microsoft account. You can also sign up with an email in which you can use any email service like yahoo, Yandex.

kahoot sign up

Kahoot Login

If you are already an existing user then open the website and sign in with your details.

1. Open the official website, click on the login button.

2. Enter your username, password, and then click on the login button.

3. Use to login using the PIN to play the game.


1. Can I play without creating an account?

Yes, you can play any quiz without creating an account on Kahoot. You can select the option “play as a guest” if you do not want to create an account. But if you want to create a quiz and to host it you need to create an account on this website.

2. Is it a good website to learn?

Yes, It is a good platform to learn with fun. It is easy to remember things by answering quizzes.

3. How does it work?

It is easy to use this website and the working process is also normal. Anyone can understand everything just by visiting the official site.

1. The first step after creating your account is to create a Kahoot. You can create your quiz on any topic. Use images and provide multiple choices. The best part is Kahoot is available in multiple languages.

2. After creating your first Kahoot, your second step is to host it to engage your friends. Share the PIN to your classmates, neighbors or to anyone.

3. How to create a Kahoot game/quiz?

We have already discussed a brief tutorial on this topic. We have provided a link on the top that you can visit.

4. Is it free or paid?

There are free as well as paid plans. All the Basic plans are free for everyone.


Kahoot is a good website that offers lots of games and the best part about this website is all the basic plans are free. It is available in different languages. This makes it easier to connect with people in different languages, play quiz, and learn new things. Overall we have had a great experience using this website.


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