Can I View Private Instagram Profile Without Following? Is it Possible?

view private instagram account photos

Are you looking for how to see or view private Instagram account photos and followers? In this guide, we will tell all the possible ways by which you can see anyone’s private Instagram account followers, photos, and stories. You can see the list of followers and also the following list.

We highly recommend not to use any website, app, software, APK, or any other thing because they can harm your device/computer/laptop. So, If you are using any such thing always take precautions and good safety measures like antivirus, do not disclose your personal information, etc.

These websites are not working. They will show you that they have successfully got all the private photos and display an option that you need to complete a survey to check all the photos. These websites, apps will never show you photos because Instagram does not offer any such feature. Instagram spends billions of dollars on cybersecurity, privacy, etc. So, it is almost impossible for any app or website to do.

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This guide will definitely help you because in this guide you will get to know many cool things like to see anyone Instagram account photos and stories anonymously without knowing them. You do not need an Instagram account to see their stories and photos. To see someone’s private account if he/she has blocked you and many more things. So, read till the end it may help you to get all your questions solved.

How to View Private Instagram Account Photos and Followers Without Following

We will discuss four methods that are genuine and working. Other than this, there is no app/website or any other tool that can show you someone’s private Instagram followers, photos, stories, and latest activities.

1. Request with Fake Account

Many times it happens that when we have a crush on someone or for any other reason, We want to check and view their Instagram profile photos and all the activities. But when we check it shows a private account. Now the main problem is to view the photos without following.

To do it you can create a fake Instagram account, upload some good photos which make that account look like a real one. Increase that account follower to 30-100+ because many of us consider it a positive sign and also as a real account. After doing all these things send a follow request. When your request gets accepted you can see all the photos, stories, followers, and following list.

2. See followers from a mutual friend

If already have a mutual/common friend. You can ask him/her to show that person’s Instagram account. By using this way you can also see a private Instagram account without following.

3. View private Instagram account photos using Google search

It is the best way to view private Instagram photos. But you will see only a few photos of that private account. How to do it?

The first thing is you should know the full username of that person whose photos you want to see. Without knowing the username you can’t see the pictures of that account. So, type the username in the google search and then click on the images option. Now you will see some photos of that private Instagram account. But it may not be in good quality. You can also see the full-size profile picture in HD of that account.

view private instagram

4. You can ask to follow with your real account

If You already know each other then you can directly ask or message to follow her/him. Send the follow request and then wait. When your request get accepted you can view all the photos and other activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If still, you have any doubts or questions. Then, you can read our FAQ’s. You can also ask questions and give answers in the comment section.

Q1. Can I See Followers on Someone’s Private Instagram Account?

Yes, we have already explained 4 different working and legal ways to view anyone’s private Instagram account photos and stories.

Q2. Can I see someone’s followers on Instagram if they have a private account and I don’t follow them?

The only way to see that account follower is to follow them with a fake account. If you do not want to follow with a fake account then you can ask your close friend/relative to follow him/her to see the photos.

Q3. Is it possible to see private information about an Instagram account such as their followers and following lists?

No, It is not possible.

Q4. Do the Instagram private account viewer websites and apps really work?

There is no such website, app, or software that will show you private Instagram account photos. So, the only possible, legal and working ways we have already explained in this tutorial.

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