What is Drudge Report?

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What is the drudge report? Drudge Report is a website that publishes top stories, analyses, political news, entertainment, current affairs, events, and the latest news.

Drudge report aggregates content from other news websites and displays it at one location that makes it the user easy to read the news headlines and stories.

Therefore, whenever you click on a news headline to read more information about the news, a new tab will open where you can read the full news.

If you want to read the full news, just click on the heading and a new website will open.

Official Website: Drudgereport.com

What is Drudge Report?

In short, it is a news website that displays headlines and short news taken from other news websites and sources such as, the wall street journal, Politico, Reuters, CNBC, etc. So basically, it selects the latest and best news from multiple sources and displays the heading of the news.

It is a news site that is available in the English language. The website was founded by matt drudge. Users can read the drudge report 2024, 2024, 2019, etc on the official website.

5 Interesting Facts About the Drudge Report 2024

5 general information, details, and facts about the drudge report.

1. Drudge Report  –  Latest News and Stories

It is a news blogging site that publishes stories, events, political news, entertainment posts, and the latest news. The site is based in the United States.

It consists of different news websites hyperlink which displays with a heading by the editor team of the website.

Income sources and revenue: The site display banner advertisement.

Website: drudgereport.com

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2. The popularity of the Drudge Report

It is one of the most popular websites in the world. It has an Alexa rank of under Top 900 (as of 2024) worldwide. It is one of the most visited websites in the world.

The drudge report ranks in the top 300 websites in the USA. It is also among the popular news sites.

From the sources like Alexa, similar web, and Quantcast report: drudgereport estimated traffic maybe 3.5 million visits per day or more than this. This is an estimated figure, not an official one.

It may get around 50-100 Million page views per month.

3. Founded

It was founded by Matt Drudge and he is the owner of the drudgereport. According to the Whois report, domain name drudgereport.com was first registered on 14 February 1997. The company was launched in the year 1995.

Domain Name Registered On:  14 February 2019 (According to whois)

4. Design

The design of the website is simple and straightforward but its user interface looks old. Do you want a new simple design? You can comment below yes or no.

You can read an article, stories, news by clicking on the heading. The drudgereport site consists of hyperlinks to another news website.

5. Moz score

The website is so popular but the Moz spam score of the website is above 17% (As of 2019). Websites that have a Moz spam score below 5% are considered good but this spam score can be reduced and it can be changed with time.

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