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What is Z Shadow and How does it Works?

Z Shadow is a website that provides and hosts Phishing links. It is one of the favorite hubs of the attackers.

Z-Shadow is a free website where the user requires to create an account to get access to the dashboard.

With the rapid increase of the Internet and Technology, Cyber attacks are increasing worldwide at a faster rate.

So, It is always advisable to learn the basics of cyber security to prevent yourself from cybercriminals.

What is Z Shadow?

As already mentioned, z shadow is a website that provides different types of illegal links for cyber attacks like phishing.

z-shadow.com was founded in the year 2014. But the URL of the website has been changed two times. Some of the previously active URL’s are:

  • z-shadow.info
  • z-shadow.co
  • z-shadow.com

z-shadow.co was recently active but this URL is no more working.

Z Shadow Login

You need to create an account to login to the z-shadow dashboard.

You can easily signup and create your account for free. Use a strong password for creating an account.


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How does it work?

The working process and concept behind this website are simple. This website provides a variety of phishing links of different pages.

Anyone who wants to use these links is required to create an account and after that, you are allowed to log in to your account.

When you log in to your account you will see your dashboard area from where you can find all the links.

We strongly suggest never use or signup to such websites as it is not good for your data security as well as for others.

Always remember these four common security tips to prevent yourself from cyber attacks:

  1. Never open unknown links, emails, or attachment files
  2. Never share your personal information like date of birth, age, address, to unknown persons
  3. Use antivirus and always update your computer system and phone
  4. Restrict yourself to use Public Wi-Fi networks (open Wi-Fi)

Similar Websites Like Z Shadow

Shadowave is a similar website like z shadow that follows the same process.

This website is also managed and commanded by the owner of the z-shadow.

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Why z shadow is not Working?

The first reason may be that Google has removed this website from the search engine because it is an illegal website that promotes cyber attacks by providing links to everyone.

The second reason may be the web hosting company terminated the server where the z-shadow was hosted.

The third reason may be the owner of this website itself removed this site from the Internet or the website may be shifted to some other URL.

There is no official announcement regarding the website shutdown. So, there can be many possible reasons behind not working of z-shdaow.

From the last 5 years, the URL of z-shadow has been changed 3-4 times.

Is it a Legal Website?

It is not a legal website. Using such websites to do cyber attacks is also illegal. So, It is always a better idea to resist doing such things.

I hope you have now got that it is an illegal website.

Can I face any Issue?

If you use this website to try cyber attacks on someone else then you will face legal disputes based on the laws applicable in your country.

Is Z Shadow Safe?

z shadow is not using any SSL certificate that makes the connection secure. Also, you do not know how your personal information is processed on this website. So, we can say that it is not a secure website.

To stay your system, phone, and other devices protected always use a safe website. Yes, you can use this website but always follow essential cybersecurity tips.

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Is it a good idea to sign up on Z-Shadow?

If you want to signup on this website with your Gmail or Yahoo account then at the time of setting a password. Type a password that is different from your Gmail or Yahoo account password.

But we will not suggest to use such websites as it is not good for the privacy and security of your account and for the other people.

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