How Can I See Sent Follow Requests on Instagram

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We all follow someone on Instagram. To follow a new person on Instagram we usually have to sent a follow request in case if it is a private profile.

Most of the time we sent a follow request to known and unknown persons to connect with them on Instagram. But some people do not accept follow requests and keep all the follow requests in pending. After sending follow requests to many people it’s become difficult to search them and cancel friend requests.

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So, how to find and remove pending Instagram requests that you have sent to people. Read our step by step guide to see a list of sent follow requests on the Instagram app and cancel them easily.

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How can I find out to whom I sent a follow request on Instagram?

To see sent follow requests and to cancel them you do not need any extra app to Install. Just follow our step by step guide to do it easily.

Step 1

Open the Instagram website on your computer/laptop or phone. In this post, we will show you using a computer browser.

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Step 2

Log in to your Instagram account. Click on the setting button.

How To Find Remove Pending Instagram Requests You have Sent

Step 3

Now click on privacy and security or you can directly click on this link to go to the setting where you can see all the sent friend requests on Instagram.


Step 4

Click on view account data.


In the connection option, you will see current follow requests (see the below image). Click on that (view all).

see sent instagram follow request

Now, you will see all the names to whom you have sent follow requests on Instagram. In the below image, you can see the names. I sent the follow request to these persons. But till now they have not accepted my follow request. So, in this way you can also see your sent follow request list. Now simply copy the names and search them on Instagram. Then click on the unfollow button to cancel the request.

see sent instagram follow request


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