Earning Money In Micro Freelancing: The Jumptask App

What Is JumpTask

Have you heard about freelancing yet? If not yet, listen up: the market is enormous and is getting bigger. While looking at recent statistics, around 59 million Americans were freelancing. By 2028, this number is projected to exceed 90 million people. What’s interesting is that there are different ways you can earn money in this space.

The traditional freelancing market usually involves temporary projects or contracts that companies or individuals offer to freelancers. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.com host most of these opportunities. Notably, most of these platforms’ work is for experienced professionals – marketing specialists, designers, or programmers.

There is another type of freelance work, however, one that involves small gigs to get paid – micro freelancing. Here people complete small tasks in exchange for money. Here, the job variety is wide too. The key advantage of this type of work? People can start earning money without expert skills or knowledge, which makes micro tasking suitable for beginners.

An app called JumpTask was recently launched. Their team claims the platform allows beginners to earn money in the freelancing or gig economy. Let’s look if JumpTask delivers any benefits to the freelancing market.

What Is JumpTask?

JumpTask is a global platform that connects freelancers to micro jobs that do not require specific skills or knowledge. Payment for completions is made through JumpToken (JMPT), a cryptocurrency. Once a task is done, the JMPT is deposited into the user’s account. These tokens can be either cashed out or held, as their value has the potential to increase over time.

To get started with earning, you will need to create an account. It can be done quickly using your social logins. You can then choose any available task, complete it, and get paid.

The withdrawal process takes slightly longer. As you earn cryptocurrency (JMPT), you will need to create a crypto wallet used to store your cryptocurrency. Some people might find it a little tricky to do it at first, but after a few times, it becomes much easier. After creating your wallet, you can exchange your JMPT for your preferred currency.

As a freelancing platform, JumpTask is beginner friendly: all tasks are easy to complete and do not take much time or effort. People can manage their full-time job or college studies while earning on JumpTask, which could be a flexible side hustle option to try.

What Is JumpToken (JMPT)?


JMPT is the payment method on the JumpTask ecosystem. It’s also a cryptocurrency, meaning it needs to be stored in a crypto wallet and can be exchanged into fiat currency. Its value fluctuates continuously, meaning your holdings can go up and down in value.

Besides being the medium of exchange, JumpToken can also be used as an investment tool. How? It is possible through JumpTask cryptocurrency staking. Essentially, it works like a simple savings deposit: existing tokens are deposited in the staking pool, which generates passive rewards over time. You can easily withdraw your deposit anytime without any restrictions.

The key benefit for freelancers from using cryptocurrency is saving on transaction costs. As the payments go through a blockchain, the fees that need to be paid are minimal, and freelancers keep most of their earnings.

What Can I Do On JumpTask?

What Can I Do On JumpTask

JumpTask provides different ways for micro freelancers to earn crypto, for example, through games, surveys, and micro tasks. You can find the complete list on the JumpTask website.

Through games on JumpTask, you can earn JumpTokens by playing the latest games on your phone or laptop. You don’t need to complete the whole game to earn: you start collecting JMPT with every milestone as the game progresses. It is an easy and fun way for people to make money on the side.

Another earning type in the JumpTask app is called Offers. It allows you to earn money by completing simple micro tasks such as downloading and trying new apps, solving puzzles, or watching ads. The available tasks vary country by country, and new jobs are uploaded daily. People can always find new opportunities to earn JMPT.

Finally, online surveys are also available on JumpTask, where you can earn money by sharing your opinions. You may need to answer pre-qualifying questions before accessing surveys and rewards. Nevertheless, surveys are designed to be engaging, meaning that freelancers earn and share their opinions on something interesting.

As mentioned in the beginning, micro tasking differs from traditional freelancing. While the platform offers numerous earning options for beginners, experienced freelancers might find the tasks too simple. The rewards can also appear small for professionals looking to boost their income. However, as a platform for beginners, JumpTask does offer a few ways to earn on the side.

How Much Money Can I Make?

What Else Can I Do On JumpTask

It’s possible to earn anywhere from $50 to $100 per month on JumpTask. To go beyond that, however, you will need to spend a significant amount of time doing tasks. As already mentioned, staking could help increase your total earnings: you can use your existing JMPT to work for you and collect passive rewards.

Overall, your earning expectations on JumpTask should be realistic. The app is a good way to earn some money on the side, but it will not turn you into a millionaire. Nevertheless, it’s a platform that could provide a way to cover your small everyday expenses.

What Else Can I Do On JumpTask?

There are other ways to boost your income on JumpTask. For example, currently JumpTask runs a contest called ‘Winter Quests’, which lasts until the end of February. Contest participants complete simple challenges in order to win JMPT prizes and other gifts. JumpTask organizes various contests regularly where platform users can increase their overall earnings.


In conclusion, JumpTask is a platform for micro freelancing, providing various tasks for individuals to earn cryptocurrency. While the earning potential is not unlimited, the platform has other benefits. All available tasks are beginner friendly, it works as a good starting point for beginners taking their first steps in the freelancing market. Try JumpTask to see if it can be a way for you to start freelancing today.