A Guide on Car Shipping for First-Time South Dakota Car Owners

Car Shipping

For private car owners in South Dakota looking into car shipping for the first time; hopefully, you’ve started your research well a couple of months before you intend to ship. This will allow you time to learn the process, find a legitimate service with competitive rates, and book far enough ahead to get close to your preferred date.

With South Dakota car shipping, the process can be lengthy. For those pressed for time, the auto transport company can make a carrier available using expedited services, but these come with a higher cost.

The process won’t seem so complex once you get the gist of the fundamentals and figure out the most suitable choices to meet your particular circumstances.

You can gain this insight with thorough research, by checking third-party impartial reviews, reading testimonials, and ultimately consulting with legitimate, trusted auto transport companies. Let’s see if we can help with some of the research.

The Fundamentals of Car Shipping Services

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When shipping a car from South Dakota for the first time without knowing how the process works, research will be critical, and starting well before the shipping date is vital.

If you’re in a rush, you’ll need to invest in express or expedited services. However, you will still need to do a “crash course” research session to understand the fundamentals and avoid the possibility of being overcharged or scammed.

· Will you need open or enclosed transport

The auto transport company will present either an open-air or enclosed transport option for delivering the vehicle. While the open trailer is exposed to the elements, a majority of car owners use this method for car shipping. It’s affordable, efficient, fast, and safe.

Typically, the only autos shipped in the enclosed trailer are luxury, rare, motorcycles and those that need extra protection. The enclosed trailer has the benefit of a ceiling, a floor, and four walls for added security but is less accessible than an open transport.

Many car dealerships will transport their new inventory using open trailers with the thought process that the choice is a safe and secure one and they can move more cars at one time with that method.

· Is door-to-door shipping preferred

Car Shipping
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In all likelihood, door-to-door shipping is preferred. Often, the terminal is a distance from car owners’ homes, and since the carrier has their vehicle, it could be a hardship to travel that distance to pick up the auto. Door-to-door shipping is an added charge, but it’s typically worth the cost.

Most car owners realize a big rig won’t be able actually to drive to the front door. Instead, the driver will find the closest public meeting location, usually a large parking lot where it will be easy to unload, like a rest area.

The driver will call the contact number you supplied to ensure you agree on the location and a time for an easy delivery process. It’s the most straightforward and fastest transport choice.

· Location will affect the price

Where the driver needs to pick the car up and take it, beginning in South Dakota, to which city or town and where it will end up will affect the price. Prominent metropolitan locations like New York offer countless transport choices and much competition, leading to competitive pricing.

Other smaller rural towns that are remote cause a driver to stray from a primary shipping route, costing more when transporting from or going to these areas.

· What affects the auto transport price point

People primarily ship their cars for the sheer convenience that auto transport affords them and the cost-efficiency. But the prices range from one carrier to the next due to many variables, some of which were explored here.

Scheduling is another consideration. If you don’t book well enough ahead to get the date you need to have the car shipped but instead have to book on short notice, you may want to consider express or expedited car shipping.

This would considerably impact the cost of transport (but less so than an enclosed trailer transport) because you would be given a guaranteed delivery. Many car owners find this service worth the extra cost because they know when to expect arrival. Go here for a guide on what to expect with car shipping.

Preparing Your Car for Transport


Before you hand over your vehicle to the transport company, ensure that it’s ready for the journey. Firstly, clean your car inside and out. This will not only make it easier to inspect for pre-existing damages but will also ensure that no items are left behind that could shift during transit.

Secondly, check fluid levels and ensure there are no leaks. While your car won’t be driven long distances, it will need to be moved on and off the carrier.

Moreover, leave only a quarter tank of gas in the vehicle; this reduces the weight and helps with fuel efficiency for the transport truck. It’s also essential to disable the car alarm, as it can cause disruptions during the journey.

Additionally, secure or remove any custom parts, accessories, or loose items like spoilers, fog lights, or mirrors to prevent potential damage. Lastly, make sure to inform the driver or the transport company of any quirks or specific instructions needed to start or drive your vehicle.

Remember, a well-prepared car ensures smoother shipping and reduces the likelihood of mishaps along the way.

Final Thought

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When it’s time to ship, you’ll want to supply the driver with a copy of the keys instead of giving them your only set.

Allowing someone else to assume responsibility for a prized possession can be difficult. Ultimately, though, it’s safer in the hands of a driver who has undergone defensive driver’s and safety training and has liability coverage to protect the vehicle.

If you were to drive from South Dakota to the other side of the country, you would present a higher risk. The convenience, cost-efficiency, and safety make car shipping a good investment.