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Decor Trends Of 2023

This year has flown by and it is time to start looking forward and check out what 2024 has in store for us regarding interior design. A lot of the 2024 trends will still be popular, so your home won’t need a total makeover to reflect the freshest looks. However, a few tweak here and there might be useful. Keep reading to find out what’s going to be in style in 2024!

Inverted marble and marble

Marble has been a trendy pattern since 2018 and looks like it is not going anywhere anytime soon. if you still haven’t hopped on the marble train, this is the moment to do it. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to retile your kitchen or bathroom to add marble to your home. However, that is a possibility if you are open to it.

In 2024 adding to the already popular marble trend will come forward inverted marble patterns. The inversion means that instead of a white background with gray veining there will be colorful background with white veining. So the stone surfaces will be more colorful from burnt orange to blue and green.

Benefits of marble surfaces

Benefits of marble surfaces
Source: northstarsurfaces.com

If you have decided to add real marble or inverted marble to your countertops, you are in luck! Marble is not only beautiful and luxurious, but it is also very durable, resistant to high temperatures, doesn’t fade over time, and is a perfect surface for baking. Marble naturally stays cool so it is perfect for rolling dough, making pastries, or even ice cream.

Faux marble

If you are not yet ready for real marble countertops, no worries, there are some great faux marble alternatives. You can use them for countertops, table surfaces, decor elements, etc. Just remember that faux marble won’t have the same physical properties as real marble.

Marble print

Another alternative is to use a marble print. You can have tiles with marble print or even stick and peel wallpaper. Marble-printed items can be placed all over your home to embrace this trend. You can even use marble print as an artwork option. Find a beautiful print and have it printed on canvas or a poster! It can be a background for a focal picture element or just a print of this pattern. If you cannot find anything you like in the shops, go for a print on demand solution!

Jewel tones and gold

decor pieces 1
Source: decoraid.com

Both jeweled tones and gold will really be on trend the next year. If you are looking for new furniture or other decor pieces, consider getting them in jewel tones. For example, a jewel-tone sofa will have an amazing effect on the room – it will look luxurious, deep, and filled with color but not too colorful. If you enjoy the richness of dark greens, reds, violets, and blues, this color trend can help you decorate your home right the way you like it since shops are full of items in these colors.

To have the perfect look, pair the jewel-toned items with gold elements. It can be a lamp stand, a feature of the furniture, a picture frame like your pet portrait, or a door knob. The warm gold looks perfect with the deep tones of jewels – these two bring out the best in each other.

Gothic design – dark furniture, dark elements, arch mirrors

Somewhere close to the jewel tones is the gothic design. It also has deep colors, majesty, drama, and a “wow” effect. Contrary to popular opinion, the gothic design doesn’t mean all black even though black is a color that is often used in the gothic design. In gothic design go for dark elements contrasting with white shades. It doesn’t have to be moody overall, but it is also not colorful.

Achieve the gothic look with dark furniture, dark decor elements, white walls, arch mirrors, and other gothic decors. A great option is to go for stick and peel wallpaper in dramatic black and white or use a royal-associated print.

Desert-inspired tones, browns, beiges, muted colors

Stepping away from the dramatic tones and designs, 2024 is also bringing us natural hues and feel-good combinations. That includes all tones that are inspired by the desert – brown, beige, light yellow, caramel, pastel greens, and pink as well as muted colors.

Adding color to your home

It is easy to add a little bit of these trendy colors to your home. Choose a new bed cover, go for a throw blanket in a desert tone, or hang a wall macrame in a stone white color. You can also add new wallpaper to the walls in a dusty desert tone or hop on the trend with new wall art. Art prints in these tones are really popping up. And even if you cannot find something you really like, you can always opt for a print on demand version and go for something really personalized.

Sustainable, organic materials, biophilic design, and greens

Sustainable organic materials biophilic design and greens
Source: spacerefinery.com

Outside indoors is definitely on trend this year and next year as well. It is explored through different mediums, colors, and materials. Sustainability is also getting a lot of attention and it is reflected in interior design as well.

Just go for woods, bamboo, greens, second-hand items, and natural and recycled materials in your home decor if you want to explore sustainable design. Also, add a lot of indoor greens – better to go for live plants, but if you are not one who can sustain that, fake plants are also an option. Everything nature inspired and made from natural materials will look perfect and really on trend.

Nostalgic design – granny vibes but cool

Last but not least, nostalgic design is going to have a moment in 2024. It is a mix of an interior design your grandmother had with modern elements. You don’t really want to have a museum-like living room, but rather be inspired by the look. It can mean some furniture with floral prints, crochet covers, carpet on the floor, and a vinyl record player. Think of the 70-ties, get inspired but don’t copy the era.

Adding trendy elements with minimal effort

interior design trends
Source: decorilla.com

It is almost impossible to follow every year’s interior design trends, but it is possible to add elements from those trends here in there into your home. And one way to do it is with custom prints – either canvas or posters. You can add trendy colors, patterns, and even appropriate style examples. If you are looking towards this option, consider printseekers.com as the place where to get your customized prints! They are a print on demand supplier that offers high-quality products, great customer service, and has amazing reviews.

Another thing you can consider is peel and stick wallpaper. It is an easy way how to add trendy colors and prints to your home. You can use peel and stick wallpaper on the wall but also cover other items, like desk surfaces, little nooks and crannies, the back of the shelves, etc. You can use your imagination and creative skills to find the best options. If you are interested in this option, a great place where to look for peel and stick wallpaper is deccoprint.com . They have a variety of prints, and colors as well as traditional and peel and stick wallpaper in various sizes.

In conclusion

On one hand, 2024 is going to continue what 2024 has already started, but on the other, it is going to put on a new twist on an old design and grow even more into some trends. We predict that sustainable and green design will become more and more popular over the years, so it is definitely an area to explore. But nevertheless, always go for the trends and looks that you enjoy! Use the actualities in interior design to guide you but not to determine the whole look of your home.