How Much Do Youtubers Make?

How Much do YouTubers Make

YouTube is the largest video-viewing platform having over 2.5 billion users across the globe. YT made 28.8 billion dollars in Revenue in 2024, a 46% growth compared to Revenue in 2024. Though the question is how much do YouTubers make on YT. According to Wikipedia, YT pays 55% of its AdSense Revenue to the uploader based on the Ad on the video to the uploader under YT Partner Program. However, the overall fortune made by YouTubers varied according to various things that we will discuss later in the article.

Before moving that, let’s see how much YT offers uploaders per view amount on their Videos.

How Much Does YouTube Offer For Per View?

How Much Does YouTube Offer For Per View

Are you curious to know how much money YT offers YouTubers per view? Numerous things affect YT revenue, such as video length, ad quality & grade, etc. With Ad Sense, YT generally offers $0.01 to $0.03/view, with an average of $0.018/view. But, as I said earlier, various factors affect YT revenue, and based on them, pays video uploaders. Also, you will get paid 68% of Google Ad Sense revenue, which means that for each $100 an advertiser/promoter pays, in correspond Google will pay you $68.

Factors Affecting YT Revenue:

• Video Length
• Ads Quality & Grade
• Ad Blockers
• Number of Ad Sense Displayed
• Number of Clicks Ads Receives
• Number of Views the Video Receives

How Much Money Can You Earn For 1k Views On A Video?

How Much Money Can You Earn For 1k Views On A Video

On average, YT offers $0.018/view with Ads Sense. So, you can make up to $18 for 1k views with Ad Sense. However, this number drops to $3 to $5 / 1k views on video without Ad Sense. According to Forbes, a talented YouTuber with decent followers can easily make up to $5 for 1k video views on YT. These YouTubers put their soul and mind to create engaging and entertaining videos for their followers. They use quality content as well as appropriate tools available on such as Video Editing Tools, YouTube Thumbnail Creator, Filming Tools, etc.

Besides this, all the fortune you make from a video also relies on the number of views it accumulates and the number of Google Ads shown throughout the video. A YT video with 1M views can make $5,000 if we consider the above-average pay rate of $5 for 1k video views, which makes vlogging and video-sharing pretty Alluring! Isn’t it? But, this is just approx calculation, and some YouTubers may make better or some not based on the above factors.

Sources For YouTubers To Make Money

Sources For YouTubers To Make Money

Besides views on a video, there are lots of other methods for YouTubers to make money through YT. YouTubers can get money from various sources. I have listed some of these sources below-

• Advertising Revenue

As we all know, the major source for YouTubers to earn money besides views is Advertising Revenue. All the YouTubers get Advertising Revenue when viewers see an Ad banner, display, or video advertisement on the uploaders’ channel. They can make up to $5 per 1k video views on average with these Ads.

• YT Affiliate Links And Marketing

YT affiliate marketing allows YouTubers to make a profit by adding affiliate links for the specific products or services they recommend on the video they have uploaded. In other words, YouTubers review or describe a product or a service, like Gymming equipment, Beauty products, or Web services, and when viewers visit through this link and make a purchase, they will earn a fixed commission on that purchase.

• YT Premium Revenue

YT Premium is another way to generate extra revenue. You will get some part of the YT Premium subscription fee when a subscriber watches your video on it. Also, the advertising revenue figure on the YT changes based on the location of viewers. For instance, if views come from the US, YouTubers can earn up to $2 to $4 / 1k video views. On the other hand, views from India allow uploaders to make between $1.5 to $3 per 1k views on their video.

• Merchandise Shelf

You may have already seen that Many YouTubers also created apparel, popular merchandise, and products for their fans and sell them on their web stores. Many popular YouTubers, having immense subscribers and following, build their very own brand through their channel and sell items like t-shirts, shirts, bags, etc., and other accessories available on their website or e-store only.

• Sponsorship

No doubt, YT is the largest video-viewing platform today with over 2.5k M users every month watching more than 1k M hrs of videos every day. So, if you are a YouTuber with huge subscribers, then many brands, businesses, and companies may want you to be a partner with them. And believe me, you will be surprised to know that lots of brands are pleased to pay YouTubers for reviewing or advertising their products. YouTubers can get these brands’ sponsorships by which they can make quite the fortune.

• Channel Memberships

Besides the above methods, YouTubers can make money by providing membership to their channel. In this, their subscribers make a regular payment for exclusive perks and benefits every month.

• Super Chats & SuperStickers

Super Chats & SuperStickers have become a popular way to earn some extra money for gamers and streams. Followers make a payment to show their chat Msg in their favourite streamers’ live chat stream.

What Criteria Do YouTubers Require To Fulfil For Monetizing Their Channel?

What Criteria Do YouTubers Require To Fulfil For Monetizing Their Channel

YouTubers need to fill some eligibility criteria to monetize their channel and be part of the YT partner program.

Eligibility Criteria For Channel Monetization:

• 4k watch hrs in the last 12 months
• At least 1k subscribers on the YT channel
• Have an AdSense account

These Criteria include that you should have an AdSense account, have at least 1k subscribers on the YT channel, and have 4k watch hours on videos in the last 12 months.

Besides this, they also need to sign and agree to the T&C. and Get their channel reviewed and approved. Once they have fulfilled the eligibility criteria, they enrol in the YT Partner Program and can start making money through ad Sense.