Top 6 Online Tools to Help You Write Better Essays in 2024


Being a student is some sort of mixed bag when it comes down to emotions. We are talking about the time in your life that’s both among the most stressful ones, but it is also easily one of the most beautiful ones. You have a chance to learn something you love, which sets the foundation for your future career.

At the same time, you will meet a lot of people during your studies, which can later become both friends and useful business contacts. So, you can see that this time is quite an interesting time for a high number of reasons. However, there is something that practically all students have a consensus on, writing essays.

We believe that a vast majority of students don’t like it since it can be too stressful for them. Thankfully, there’s a positive answer to the question “Is there someone who can do my homework online”, and you can find help at Now, let’s present you with some online tools that can assist with writing better essays in 2024.

Without further ado, let’s check them out.

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1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar

The tool we want to start this list of ours is Google Scholar. We sincerely believe this is the most efficient tool when it comes down to researching data from various topics out there. By using this one, it is possible to take a look at a high number of e-books, articles, blogs, research papers, reports, etc.

The best about all these materials is that practically all of them are completely free to use. They come along with the app itself. So, you are not looking at investing a lot of your money. Also, it is possible to use a filter which will make your search significantly easier than with some other similar tools out there.

2. Smart SEO Tools

Smart SEO Tools

Among the most important questions when writing an essay, you will find the creation of original content. Without any doubt, every university in the world has strict requirements when it comes to the creation of this content. So, you look at a certain criterion and breaching it can cause it to be rejected.

Naturally, the best way to prevent these issues from occurring is to create 100% original content. But this is not something you can be aware of if you don’t check it. That’s why we believe that plagiarism-checkers like Smart SEO Tools should be high on the list of your priorities when it comes to online tools.

Sure, we can all agree that certain terminology cannot be overcome. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot paraphrase certain words and sentences and make them look unique. Have in mind that this paraphrasing needs to be of a certain quality. Putting random synonyms is not the right way to go.

3. Freedom


When you are working on an essay, you need to invest all your patience and focus into it, don’t you think? Well, we live in a digital era, and online marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for promotion. They are so powerful that they can reach us whatever we do online, including researching for our essays.

That’s why you should consider using a website blocker, which will help you to block numerous things. For instance, you can block certain sites you would use for entertainment, like social media platforms. At the same time, it is possible to block all those annoying ads, which can disrupt your focus unexpectedly.

4. Grammarly


Making sure that your words and sentences are written perfectly is an absolute must. Sure, these mistakes are made all time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make fix them before you are ready to send the essay to the professor. If you need help with this issue, then using Grammarly is just the thing.

It needs to be said that this online tool comes in two different variations. The first one is free. It consists of a lot of different features. Still, we would like to say that paying for a premium version can lead you a long way. The number of features increases significantly, and practically all of them are useful.

5. X-Mind

X Mind

Anyone who has a significant experience with writing essays knows that actual writing uses less than ten percent of your time. Most of the time, the writer conducts research and plans the essay. Do not make the mistake of believing that this is not something that doesn’t require as much time as we’ve said.

Naturally, we are talking about a mistake that only beginners make. However, they shouldn’t be scared of this. Thankfully, there’s an online tool that can provide the necessary help. We are talking about X-Mind. It helps with outlining the paper and creates a certain structure you can later use when writing your paper.

Also, the app comes with a high number of templates you can choose from. Sure, we don’t believe that all of them will be preferred by any writer out there. But when you have this many opportunities, you are bound to find something that meets your needs and preferences.

6. Google Docs

Google Docs

Last but not least, we want to discuss Google Docs. It is an efficient editing tool that has become a prevalent one in the world. It’s because it is an updated version of a beloved Microsoft Word. It has all the features you can find inside this one, but it has so many more others to choose from.

For instance, you can automatize auto-saving, which helps with protecting your papers from being lost as a result of some malfunction. Not to mention that it is possible to integrate it with numerous other tools, like Grammarly. All these elements amount to Google Docs being a prevalent option for many essay writers out there.

In Conclusion

Writing an essay doesn’t have to be as nightmarish as many people see it. Here, we’ve presented you with numerous online tools that can be of much help in this process. We are certain you will find each one of these entries equally helpful and effective in your work.