The Complete Guide To Japan Online Casinos And Gambling Laws

Shinjuku Kabukicho

Japan’s thriving online gaming business offers a wide variety of engaging products. In spite of the fact that JPN gamblers are among the world’s most profitable, the JPN gambling market is dominated by foreign casinos. Japan has one of the world’s most competitive gaming cultures due to its long-standing enthusiasm for all types of gaming. This is why the JPN market is notoriously difficult to enter.

Gambling Halls in Jap. for Tourists

Gambling Halls in Jap. for Tourists

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Brief History of JPN Gambling

Brief History of JPN Gambling

In 1999, just adjacent to where the current Kasumigaseki Building sits, the country’s first traditional casino opened its doors to the public. One reason why casinos in Japan (Jap.) became so popular so quickly, was that visitors could play a variety of games of chance at their own pace and for cheap stakes.

This new kind of gambling helped pay for things like resorts, bringing more tourists to the area so that they could do something like have a fancy meal with their loved ones.

Time has resulted in a rise in the number of brick-and-mortar casinos available to gamblers. Along with this trend comes the acceptance of formerly taboo types of gambling like internet gambling and the surge in popularity of bingo. In 2001, the government of Jap. passed legislation making gambling legal for the general populace.

Pachinko parlors were given permission to put in slot machines so punters could play them while waiting for a table. Any amount of time spent at these slot machines is OK with us.

In 2005, when the business began to pick up speed, JPN citizens were granted the green light to bet in foreign casinos and on foreign online gambling sites.

Games Variety


Roulette, blackjack, slot machines, baccarat, and video poker are just some of the many games that may now be played on a computer or mobile phone from anywhere in the globe. Slot machines are another kind of game that may be played on these gadgets. Multiple more betting options seem to exist, and they might potentially include the following:

  • Motorbike
  • Horse racing
  • Raffles
  • Live as well as online casinos
  • J-League soccer
  • Sports gambling
  • Motorboat racing

The number of tourists who visit Jap. just to try their luck at the country’s many intriguing gambling activities continues to rise year.

Maajan (Mahjong)


Even though Maajan isn’t technically considered gambling, many people still believe it to be gambling since they place bets while playing. Like poker, Maajan may be played in establishments where individuals can reserve a table to play the game with friends or complete strangers. The loud noise made while mixing the tiles is why most people prefer to play Maajan away from their homes, especially if they are renting.

How Does Online Gambling Function Here?

How Does Online Gambling Function Here
Hand holding card playing online gambling

Jap. arguably has the world’s strictest regulations on gambling, both in person and online. This is true, particularly for gambling establishments. They also take a hard line on the issue of online gambling regulation.

Don’t get surprised by a scenario in which a person is legally prohibited from gambling due to where they now call home. If that’s the case, they can’t legally use a JPN IP address to access a foreign online casino.

For a very long time, the nation lacked any casinos that people on the ground could visit. This meant that anybody looking for a place to gamble had to go abroad. Land-based casinos were nigh-impossible to find in Jap. until the construction of a few “integrated resorts” in the style of JPN cultures in 2015, including Odaiba and Roppongi Hills. In the years after, it has grown considerably less difficult to find physical casinos across Jap..

Advertisements for gaming services are subject to some restrictions in Jap.. JPN tourists shouldn’t plan on playing poker or roulette while vacationing at any of these resorts since the casinos only provide slot machines, baccarat games, and horse racing.

That same year, 2014, legislation was enacted that required anybody wanting to run a gambling business in Jap. to apply for a valid license. However, this law is still active today.

Taxes for Gamblers

Taxes for Gamblers

Every kind of gambling legalized so far has been subject to taxation. Those who are residents of the country yet choose to play the lottery are exempt from taxes. Anyone who files a tax return in the United States must disclose income earned from wagers placed on sports events.

Online gambling is still regarded to be in a gray area since it has not been fully legitimized. Further, since there are no laws to control it, no taxes are levied on any profits made through the internet.

Therefore, if you are a JPN resident who gambles on international sites, you may keep anything you win without worrying about paying any taxes.

Wrapping It Up

Jap. is home to some of the most innovative casino games in the world, and the country also has a long history of gambling. It’s hardly surprising that Jap. is seeing an uptick in online casinos, given the general trend toward the increased prominence of gambling sites worldwide.

Thanks to the wide variety of games available, you may enjoy a wide variety of gambling experiences without leaving the comfort of your own home.