Opal Ice Maker Problems and Fixes

ice from opal nugget

Ice makers can be fraught with problems but not faulty. Your opal ice maker works like a refrigerator with few moving parts. If your opal ice maker is out of warranty, should you consider replacing it if you are not making ice?

In this article, we will answer frequently asked questions while advising on the possible fixes to get your opal ice machine working.

Let’s dive in.

Why did my Opal Ice Maker stop making ice?

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Do you have an adequate water supply? The opal ice maker needs sufficient water to be able to make ice. Ensure the water container is full of fresh or distilled water before starting your Opal ice maker.

Is the Opal ice maker in defrost mode? Is the Opal ice maker in cleaning mode? These are automatic functions that, when activated, prevent the Opal ice machine from making ice until the process has been completed.

It is vital that you understand the function of the lights on your Opal ice maker. This will alert you to the status of the ice maker at any time. Here are the lights shown and the relevant function:

  • Green light. The ice maker has power and is ready to make ice.
  • Falling white light. Your ice machine is making ice.
  • Blue light. Add water to your container, distilled water if possible, and the total dissolved solids, aka TDS, can be detrimental to your Opal ice maker.
  • Flashing yellow light. Your ice maker is in cleaning mode and will not produce ice.
  • White light. The ice bin is full, and your ice machine has stopped producing ice.
  • Slow rotating white light. This is the defrost mode, and it can take some time for your Opal ice maker to defrost, depending on the room’s ambient temperature. The manual states you should wait 30 minutes; it can take longer.
  • Rotating yellow light. Rinse mode.

Understanding the lights and their function will increase your knowledge of the Opal ice maker.

How do you clean the sensors on an Opal Ice Maker?

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You will need to gently clean the Opal ice machine’s sensors from time to time. It’s an easy process.

You can try either of these procedures:

  • Use a cotton bud dipped in white vinegar, and slowly and gently rub across the sensor’s surface until the sensor is clean. As recommended, the sensors should not be too dirty if you have been using distilled water.
  • If this has not resolved the issue or you don’t feel competent to undertake this procedure, then run a cleaning cycle with only white vinegar in the system. If this resolves the issues, run a couple of cleaning cycles to remove all of the white vinegar from the Opal ice maker.

You should run a cleaning cycle frequently on your Opal ice maker to prevent the build-up of minerals and any other contaminants that could become trapped in the ice nuggets.

What does the flashing green light on Opal Ice Maker mean?

If your Opal ice maker is functioning correctly, you should have a solid green light around the button, and if this light is blinking, you may have a problem with the power supply.

Remove the power cord from the power socket on the wall and try to plug the appliance into a different wall socket.

If the green light is flashing after this procedure, disable the Bluetooth from your smartphone, unplug the ice maker and leave for a few minutes.

Reinstate the Opal ice maker’s power and pair your smartphone again. The issue should be resolved.

If you need more help on resetting your opal ice maker go here.

Why is my ice maker blinking?

Why is my ice maker blinking
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If the green light is blinking and you have taken the steps from the paragraphs above, you may find there is ice stuck in the ice maker. You can either remove the ice or leave the ice maker unplugged for 3 hours and wait for the ice to melt before restarting the ice maker.

What does blue light mean on Opal Ice Maker?

You need to add water to the ice machine. The light may look as if it is swishing back and forth. It is a simple fix.

Why does my Opal Ice Maker get so hot?

Typically your Opal ice maker should not be running hot, but it should be warm to the touch. Low water conditions can make the ice maker run hotter than usual. Ensure the water reservoir is full at all times, even if you have a full ice bin.

It is worth noting that the less water you have in the reservoir, the less ice you will produce. For example, if the reservoir is at the minimum level, you will produce around ¼ of the ice the bin can hold.

Should you leave your Opal Ice Maker on all the time?

If you like the convenience of having ice available at any time of the day or night, then you should leave the ice machine connected to the power supply.

However, if you are energy conscious, then you can disconnect the ice machine from the power supply. The water in the unit will run directly back to the water reservoir.

Your opal ice machine uses the same technology as a refrigerator. When it’s on, it’s cold and off; it’s not.

How often should I clean my Opal Ice Maker?

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It depends if you are using distilled water or not. If you use distilled water, you may only need to clean the Opal ice maker once every six months. In other cases where mineral water is being used every three months is recommended.

To keep your ice machine in good working order, clean frequently as the manufacturer recommends.

Why is my Opal ice maker just running water?

It’s normal for your ice maker to flush for 5 minutes when ice-making is initiated. If the Opal seems extra loud during the process, you must add more water to the reservoir.

Expect your first ice nuggets to be slushy consistently, as the refrigerant has not become cold enough.