Why Do You Need to Use O’Reilly Media in Your Business?

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The right knowledge you acquire today is the preparation for the uncertainty of tomorrow. For over four decades O’Reilly Media has been sharing the knowledge of innovators. Find O’Reilly coupon codes here to collect new skills cost-efficiently and finally see the reason why more than 60% of Fortunate 100 companies put their trust in this e-learning platform

From blockchain, Python, and machine learning to cloud platforms, system administration, marketing, management, and applied math, you can boost your own portfolio of credentials or help your team to stay ahead of what comes next. The e-learning platform opens the door to a vast landscape of opportunities. Every new bit of knowledge, and every new skill fortifies your perspectives as an individual or business.

O’Reilly offers live training, interactive training, video guides, books, and many other representations of learning materials to help you develop skills to stay ahead of time. Led by top experts in the field and back up by advanced AI, your teams will gain access to over 1000 live online courses on software engineering, marketing, management, administration, data, programming, cloud, and many other fields of expertise. The mastered skills are confirmed by the most direct proof. If a student successfully completes a course, he or she receives a certificate.

Why O’Reilly Media?

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A decision must always be the fruit of consecutive reasoning. The life of a skeptic isn’t easy. A skeptic has to always question things, cast doubts, and double-check everything he or she sees, reads, hears, and even senses. But the life of a skeptic is screamingly low on mistakes, fraud, and loss. A skeptic resembles a highly skilled rally driver. Rushing at mindboggling speed, a rally driver begins to steer the car before it actually reaches a sharp turn. If you begin to steer a car when it has just reached the entry section of the turn, you are likely to end up in a ditch. All these arguments beg the question – why O’Reilly Media?

It is important to begin to steer your business of a car before you enroll your team in O’Reilly’s online training. We aren’t going to say that it will be too late to trade this e-learning platform for another one. But you will lose money and something of much greater value if your decision turns out to be a failure. You will lose priceless time. We aren’t going to persuade you into favoring or not favoring O’Reilly. We will simply provide you with a bunch of bullet points that favor O’Reilly. You will subject them to critical analysis and decide whether it is worth your time and money.

1. Put it to the test with a 10-day free trial

This feature seems to be too obvious to even mention. Almost all e-learning platforms encourage new customers to sign up and test drive their solutions for free for some time. Still, a free trial is by far the best benefit that an e-learning platform can offer. A 10-day period is long enough to see whether O’Reilly lives up to your expectations.

What many e-learning platforms don’t provide within their free-trial offerings is unlimited access to all courses, tutorials, books, and guides. O’Reilly sets no limits at this point. Besides, all books and tutorials you will be able to download within the first 10 days of charge-free online training will stay on your device. It is a win-win situation.

2. Recognition

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Almost every platform showcases the list of organizations that recognize its products. But once you take a good look at those entities you begin to realize that they may not be as reputable as claimed. It is best if you can tell a trustworthy company from a possible murky spooky one right on the spot.

O’Reilly’s e-learning products have merited recognition by Google, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Nike, and more companies. There is no way those four companies may seem unfamiliar to you. If they do, then welcome to the planet Earth, our dear alien from a far-away galaxy.

3. Learn things on whatever you find comfortable

Despite the onslaught of technological innovation, not all e-learning companies support iOS or Android. You may have to haul your laptop or use a regular browser on a smartphone to access courses.

O’Reilly spares you any of the aforementioned inconveniences. You can download O’Reilly’s apps on Apple Store or Google Play and learn things on your device from the middle of nowhere. The company also offers an opportunity to view their training courses on a big screen with Roku Players & TV and Amazon Appstore.

4. See the world (figuratively speaking)

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You may not need this feature if you are a true expert in your field but need to hone the skills here, and some skills there. At the same time, even experienced professionals may need some serious guidance to set their career development sail in the right direction.

O’Reilly offers bite-size conferences or sizable expert-led conversations on the latest topics. For example, Superstream virtual events is an online conference that takes the form of a series. The Superstream series show professionals discussing the novelties in their field of expertise. O’Reilly hosts many other see-the-world opportunities such as Q&A sessions and Architectural Katas challenges. By utilizing them, you can gain insight into software, AI, architecture, infrastructure, and many other topical fields to better adjust your professional development or that of your business.

5. Customization

Paying for knowledge and skills that won’t pay off is a waste of resources. The learning experience should be tailored to the specific needs of a business or individual. O’Reilly allows individual users and teams to contour courses to their specific needs. You can create and share playlists with the most needful content.

6. Infrastructure stands by

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It takes lavish investment to elaborate a technology that provides for a dev environment. Otherwise, setting a team to learn things and practicing theory in the real-world situation will be a costly, but-enriched terrible struggle.

O’Reilly splits hairs at this point. The platform sustains a ready-to-use infrastructure with languages and tools to start learning. Your team gets access to datasets and a portfolio of real-life problems that may affect your business. All they need to start learning is what they already have or what can be easily installed – a browser or an app.

Wrapping up

Even though O’Reilly seems to offer the common, indistinguishable set of e-learning benefits, it just seems this way until you delve into the subject. Whatever course you complete, you will obtain a certificate recognized by the world’s leading companies such as Microsoft, Google, etc. the learning itself is easy. You don’t need to set up a learning environment. The platform has a well-prepped environment that can be further contoured to your business or individual real-life conditions and challenges. Live events allow students to broaden their horizons and find new paths to blaze in their professional life.