What To Pack First When Moving A Big House? 7 Tips For An Easy Move 

Tips for packing your home

When you’re ready to finally move out of your childhood home and into your own place, the last thing you want to do is spend hours packing and unpacking boxes. That’s why we have put together a list of the essentials you need to pack when moving into a big house. Starting with the basics—rental truck, dollies, tarps, jugs of gas—you will be able to get just about everything else in order without any trouble. All that’s left is for you to start loading up your car and hit the road!

Tips for packing

  1. Schedule a moving day well in advance, so you have plenty of time to pack your house and get it ready for transport.
  2. Make a packing plan, dividing the house into sections that can easily be handled separately.
  3. Begin by cleaning and straightening up as much of the house as possible; this will make moving easier later on.
  4. Pack essential items such as beds, furniture, and appliances in boxes or bags according to their type (e.g., bedding, clothes, kitchenware).
  5. Arrange larger items like paintings and sculptures on shelving or draped over furniture to make them easier to move.
  6. Pack heavier items on the bottom of boxes and lighter ones on top, using padding or newspapers if necessary. Label each box with its contents and the room it should be placed in once unpacked.
  7. Label all doors and windows with the address of your new home so you don’t get lost along the way.

What should you pack first?

What should you pack first
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Moving to a big house can be daunting and require a lot of preparation. Here is a list of things you should pack first:

-Storage containers and packing supplies: Pack enough boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and straps to fill every nook and cranny in your moving truck. Label each box with what’s inside so you can find everything when you’re ready to unpack-Furniture: If you’re moving any furniture, be sure to pack the accompanying padding, screws, and bolts. Unpack as you go, and label each piece with its new location.

-Electronics: Before loading your truck, take all the electronics that will be in the house—including TVs, computers, and stereos—and put them into storage containers or boxes. Once everything is moved in, you’ll have more space to unpack!

-Plants: If there are any plants in the house that will need water during the move (or afterward), be sure to bring enough containers for them. Also, bring potting soil if necessary; many plants will do well in a temporary home while they acclimatize to their new surroundings.

-Kitchen appliances: Make sure all your kitchen appliances—from wall ovens to dishwashers—are boxed up and ready to go before loading the truck! You’ll thank yourself once everything is unpacked and it’s easier than ever to cook!

Movers can help. They will pack and unpack your belongings for you, making the moving process as smooth as possible. They’ll also handle all of the heavy liftings so you can focus on other aspects of your move. Plus, movers typically charge lower rates than moving companies, so you can save money while getting great service. So don’t wait – call a mover today!

What is the hardest room to pack?

The hardest room to pack when moving is definitely the attic. Not only do you have to think about whether or not you’ll need any of the items up there, but you also have to factor in the fact that most attics are incredibly cramped.

Start by taking into account your needs and preferences. For example, if you rarely use any of the items in your attic, chances are you don’t need them up there. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time up there organizing your stuff, then it might be worth your while to bring along some lightweight organized storage containers so you can keep everything neatly tidy.


Moving your garage
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Moving your garage can be a hassle, especially if you’re not used to it. Start by marking all of the furniture and tools you’ll need in advance with Post-it notes. This will save you time later on when trying to find something specific. Clean out any junk that’s been stored in the garage – this will make room for your new stuff.

Make sure all of the walls and ceiling are clean before moving in any furniture or appliances – you don’t want them coming down on your head during transport!

Pack everything up neatly, stacking boxes as high as possible so they don’t take up too much space. Label every box with the contents so you don’t have to search for anything later on. Tighten each screw on cabinets and drawers before moving them, to avoid damaging them during transport. And finally, make sure there are no nails sticking out of the floor – those could easily get stuck in your tires!

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

When it comes to packing for a big move, kitchens and dining rooms are some of the most important rooms to prep for. Not only do these spaces often serve as the heart of your home, but they also play an important role in hosting gatherings with family and friends. Here are a few tips for preparing your kitchen and dining room for a big move:

Clean and sanitize all surfaces. Whether you’re cleaning ovens or dishwashers, make sure all surfaces are clean before packing them up.

Pack all appliances and cookware in advance. This will not only save you time during the move, but it’ll also keep your new kitchen looking tidy and organized once everything is set up.

Decide on which pieces of furniture you’ll need to pack first. Are there any cabinets or countertops that need to be moved? Try to plan ahead and decide what stay-put items you can live without until after the move is completed.

Label every piece of furniture with its corresponding location in your new home so that moving day isn’t a total mystery! This will help avoid any potential head-scratching when trying to re-arrange furniture once you’re settled into your new space.

To sum up

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Congratulations on your upcoming move! It can be quite a challenge, but with the right preparations, it will go much more smoothly. When it comes to moving into a big house, there are a few things you should definitely remember to pack. First and foremost, make sure to pack all of the necessary tools and equipment needed for the move. This includes boxes, packing materials, furniture pads, and more. Secondly, be sure to pack enough food and drink for everyone in your household. Last but not least, pack enough clothes so that everyone will be comfortable during the long move.