Rent A Car In Nova Scotia With These 5 Easy Tips 

Nova Scotia

Renting a car to explore the picturesque landscapes in Nova Scotia happens to be a popular choice. When you tour Canada’s east coast, car rentals turn out to be economically more viable than hiring a cab. The road conditions remain good during most of the year. However, driving in winter brings some inherent challenges as you need to navigate through snow, ice, and colder temperatures.

The terrain turns out to be slippery, and drivers experience decreased visibility. As a natural countermeasure to deal with such perils, drivers get temporary insurance policies from brokers.

If you are planning to rent a car around Nova Scotia, visit this site for affordable insurance policies. Established insurance brokers can help you find affordable coverage for your rented car.

Finding a cheap rental car: How to go about it?

Finding a cheap rental car How to go about it

If you’re hunting for an affordable rental vehicle, these guidelines can help you rent a car in Nova Scotia at an affordable price:

1. Explore rental aggregator websites

Start with the reputed rental aggregator websites to compare quotes and cars. The top car rental companies have rolled out several benefits, such as dropping your car in another province or country, insurance benefits, and attractive discounts. Some of these companies even rent cars out to younger drivers aged under 25. This way, you can start shortlisting the companies on comparing quotes.

2. Customize the car

SUVs car

What’s the point of shelling out extra bucks for a larger car when you are not travelling with your family? For larger groups, SUVs or 4WD cars would be ideal. However, if you are a small group, why not settle for an economy car or sedan?

Car rental companies in Nova Scotia offer affordable subcompact cars too. Apart from the low rental cost, you can also save on fuel.

3. Compare weekly and weekend rates

Before you rent a car around Nova Scotia, compare the rates on weekdays and weekends. If your flexibility permits, plan your trip accordingly. Rental cars often undergo a high demand during weekends. Naturally, car rental companies hike the rates during weekends. This makes renting a car on weekdays an affordable choice.

4. Don’t rent close to the airport

Apparently, renting a car close to the airport seems to be convenient. However, have you factored in the high rental cost when you take a cab from the airport? Experts recommend moving away from the airport by public transport before renting your car.

Compare the associated fees along with the actual rental rates in the airport and somewhere away from it. This will give you a transparent idea of the money you can save!

5. Don’t go for the add-ons

Most car rental companies are keen to upsell larger packages. You will find a host of associated add-ons such as GPS, toll pass, or car seat upgrades. To keep your hire affordable, don’t opt-in for these benefits. Why pay extra money when you can do without these features? Carefully scrutinize the offerings on the table. If you consider some features unnecessary, simply decline them and ask for a basic quote.

How to get an affordable insurance policy for your rented car?

How to get an affordable insurance policy for your rented car

While you rent a car around Nova Scotia to enjoy your business trip or vacation, don’t overlook the cost of insuring the vehicle. What if you end up damaging the rented car and realize that your coverage is inadequate?

Here’s how you can find an affordable insurance policy for your rented car.

1. Get a temporary insurance policy

It pays to get a temporary insurance policy for a few dollars. The best thing about these policies is that you can get them even for a day if you rent a car. Reputed insurance brokers can help you narrow down the options and choose the right policy.

Apart from the mandatory coverages like liability and accidents, you can also get optional coverage benefits such as compressive and collision coverage. Make sure to evaluate your risk profile and get adequate coverage for the rented car.

2 . Check credit card insurance benefits

Have you checked if your credit card offers any insurance benefits? Many credit cards come with these benefits by default. While you might have some limitations in some cards, others don’t have such restrictions. So, check the coverage benefits with your bank before you pay anything extra to the car rental company for their insurance package.

Again, some credit cards may not compensate you for the charges you pay to the rental company. As these fees quickly build up, take care to evaluate the scope of coverage at the outset.

3. Keep the number of drivers low

Insurance companies charge a higher premium on rental car insurance if the policy includes more than one driver. So, try to limit the number of drivers to one or two. Including additional drivers will increase your risk profile and thereby, invite additional costs on premiums.

If possible, choose someone aged above 25 as the primary driver. Insurers consider young drivers to carry a higher risk profile and therefore, charge extra.

4. Say no to car rental insurance

Say no to car rental insurance 1

Some car rental companies include the cost of insurance by default into the package. This can be as high as $25 a day. Before you sign the deal, make sure to assess the cost breakup.

If your personal car insurance covers a rental vehicle, why go for the rental insurance at a high cost? Untick the box while applying for the rental car, but make sure to have adequate coverage through your policy.


If you’re looking to rent a car in Halifax Nova Scotia, finding one is relatively easy with several rental companies operating in this province. However, choosing the right insurance package might land you in a dilemma. With credit card insurance benefits, a temporary car insurance policy, your personal car insurance coverage, and car rental insurance, it’s easy to be confused.

Your ultimate goal is to get adequate coverage for your rented car. So, make sure to consult a reputed insurance broker to find affordable policies. The professionals will guide you in choosing a temporary rental car insurance package for maximum coverage.