VIN Decoder For BMW

VIN Decoder For BMW

Quick access to complete and accurate vehicle identification is necessary for many reasons especially when it comes to buying used vehicles. Vehicle identification, especially specifications, can also be useful for construction purposes. However, our focus is on vehicle identification as regards vehicle history from VIN decoder reports .

It is for this purpose BMW VIN decoding comes in handy. Identifying vehicle specs by VIN number with the use of a VIN decoding solution is ideal for not just BMW cars but also several vehicle models. As we go ahead, you’ll know where to find your VIN and how to decode your BMW VIN.

BMW VIN Decoder

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) was founded in 1916. It started out originally as an aircraft engine manufacturer and later on went into the manufacturing of luxury cars and sports cars. Today, it has a lineup of sports cars, executive sedans, and SUVs.

The BMW Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17-character code assigned to each BMW vehicle worldwide. These 17 characters are a combination of letters and numbers. It is an important source of information on any BMW car and other car brands as well.

Before buying a car, especially a used car, it is important to prevent unforeseen drawbacks. It is highly recommended that you research a car’s history before purchasing. You can easily check your desired vehicle to receive a detailed report about your future car. The VIN contains all these and more details.Below are some essential bits you can learn from a history report on EpicVIN. By using a BMW VIN decoder:

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  • You will know if the car has been stolen or in a serious accident. The issue is that stolen cars will get you deep into legal problems while damaged cars are risky and unsafe for driving.
  • You will know the real mileage and avoid odometer fraud. Some car retailers often reduce the mileage of cars so as to sell at higher prices.
  • You will discover the common problems and faults. Sometimes, a particular model may have specific drawbacks. A simple VIN decoder BMW check will reveal this to you.
  • You will also know the maintenance history. A good maintenance routine is great for the total well-being of any car. Before settling for any car, ensure that it has a good maintenance history.

Where is the VIN found?

You can find your BMW VIN on your car and related documents easily if you know where to look. Here’s the easiest way to locate it:

  1. Step outside the vehicle and walk to the driver’s side
  2. Look for a metal plate on the dashboard behind the windshield
  3. The BMW decoder VIN looks something like WBADE6321WB9921194

Additionally,  you’ll find it on the driver’s door frame. Just look at where your door latches to the body of your car. A third place where the VIN can be found is in your vehicle registration and insurance documents.

Furthermore, looking out for different makes can be helpful. It helps intending used car buyers to make the right decision. Thus, you can get a great deal in the Used Automobile Market which is often characterized by Fraud and Uncertainty. Additionally, you can use a BMW motorcycle VIN decoder if you’re looking to get one.

Comprehensive VIN Decoder Guide

Comprehensive VIN Decoder Guide

When you want to understand the 17 characters that make up the BMW VIN, it is important that you know what each character represents. We are going to look at what each character stands for and then look at them in 4 subgroups.

For the individual characters, we have

  • 1st Digit represents the assembly plant location
  • 2nd Digit represents the manufacturer
  • 3rd Digit represents the division of the brand
  • 4th Digit represents the car model
  • 5th Digit represents the engine model
  • 6th Digit represents the safety equipment
  • 7th Digit represents the security and safety equipment
  • 8th Digit represents the style or model
  • 9th Digit represents the VIN check digit
  • 10th Digit represents the model year
  • 11th Digit represents the manufacturing plant
  • 12th to 17th Digits represent the vehicle’s serial number

In subgroups, we have:

Digits 1 – 3: Details of the country of manufacture and vehicle type. It gives the basic details about the manufacturer, the plant of manufacture as well as the country of manufacture. The first 3 characters could be either WBA or 3MW.

Digits 4 – 8: Details about the standard and optional specifications. Details about the Brakes, drivetrain, External Dimensions, Internal Dimensions, seating, steering, weights and capacities, wheels and tires, etc. In addition to details about the Front tire description, front wheel diameter, rear tire description, rear wheel diameter, tire type, etc. This is the vehicle descriptor section.

Digit 9: Details of check and safety equipment. This is a special digit that usually stands alone and authenticates the originality of the VIN.

Digits 10 – 17: This set of digits is the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS). Specific details for each single BMW available in the world. The 12th to 17th contains only numbers. These numbers are the sequential production numbers.

BMW VIN Samples

BMW VIN Samples

Below are some samples of BMW vehicle identification numbers. Remember that no two cars have the same VIN, that means there are a whole lot of VINs out there.





WBA5R1C50KAJ98730,  and many more.

Now that you know what a BMW VIN looks like, you can get a BMW VIN decoder free. Simply search for the best BMW VIN decoder today before making that purchase.