How to Build an Aesthetic Physique?

How to Build an Aesthetic Physique

For centuries so many of us have endured weights and diets to achieve the ultimate body that is aesthetically perfect but to no avail. Building the perfect body is as much about science as spending time in the gym, and without either one of these components, you are almost certain to fail.

Having a great body is about knowledge, knowledge of nutrition and how your body works and what fuel it needs to become the body beautiful.

In this article, we will point you in the right direction of how to become chiselled and be healthy simultaneously.

Let’s get into it.

Can anyone build an aesthetic physique?

Can anyone build an aesthetic physique

In theory, yes. But becoming aesthetically perfect takes a lot of work and knowledge. If you are not prepared to start over and learn everything about working out from scratch, then you may be on the road to not attaining the result you are searching for.

If the average person lost all body fat, you would see muscle definition, which is a fact. Sit-ups and a low body fat index are the key to having a six-pack, you can find more information here.

At what fat percentage do you start seeing abs?

Everyone wants a six-pack, but how many of you are prepared to get a six-pack is the pertinent question?

If you want a six-pack, you have to accept that you will have a lean physique within a range of athleticism. Being skinny is not the answer to your prayers.

The body fat percentage for females to see your abbs defines is from 6- 13%, and for males, it is from 14-20%

So if you drop below this percentage, everything will improve, right? Wrong. Too little fat and you will develop muscle problems from being unable to absorb minerals and vitamins due to a low body fat percentage.

And that’s the starting point of your problems if you think losing body fat is the panacea to the body’s beauty. How about the nerve damage caused and a whole host of other ailments?

What muscles to train for aesthetics?

What muscles to train for aesthetics

Some muscles are the core of the aesthetic physique. In essence, you have six areas to train hard to achieve the physique. You should enter into a training regime where you are hitting the gym a few times each week and working the core muscles such as:

Biceps and triceps need to be on point to achieve the aesthetic physique curls and dips will be your best friend, together with good old pull-ups.

● Wide upper back and deltoids are essential, and you will need to find a workout for your anterior deltoids, your posterior deltoids and the medial cap deltoid. It’s a lot of bench work and dumbbell work.

● Trim waist but not a thick waist. Sit-ups in the thousands will be required, together with some great cardio workouts to trim down your waist. Exercise your obliques sparingly, if you go over the top, you will thicken your waist, which will also look awesome, but it is not the look you are training for.

● Building your pecs is possibly one of the easiest muscle groups to build and maintain. It can be done through hundreds of press-ups and moderate bench work with dumbbells. Why dumbbells? Working on a bar will change your pecs. Flex those pecs, baby, and you’re going to sweat.

● The pain is coming, reps and more reps. Forget the leg press and sissy squat with a starting weight you can handle, and sissy squats will isolate your quadriceps and give your core stability. You will be able to squat much more with a sissy squat, and you should be pushing 500 lbs in no time.

● Intersperse this with some running. A short distance will build muscle, and a long distance will build endurance, try for a happy medium.

What does the workout schedule look like?

It’s important not to work the same muscles daily, so aim for a gym session three times a week. Work your abs every session and maybe some light curls.

What does the workout schedule look like

Here goes.


Six hundred sit-ups, you can rest in between bets to do these with a partner with the same goals as you. They can pin your feet while you do your sit-ups. Vary the situps’ style to work the entire area of abs, including leg raises. No one said it’s going to be easy.

Work your upper back latissimus dorsi, shoulders and some light curls of no more than 40 pounds per arm on dumbbells.

Work out your deltoids. This will include dumbbell presses and pull-ups front and rear.

This workout session should last two hours, assuming you’re not spending more than forty minutes on your situps.


It’s the big one. Sissy squats followed by some full squats to keep your range of motion going heavy on the sissy squats. You should look at ten reps easily for 250 lbs and reduce the reps as you increase the weight. Make the last of the set the heaviest squat, and give your all without injury.

It’s bench press time, but with dumbbells, get dumbbells you can handle and do eight sets of ten repetitions fining on a bar lift of the heaviest weight you can handle.

Why use dumbbells? It strengthens your core muscles as well as pecs.

Curls and dips. Oh, my still not finished, and more pain to come. When doing curls, do the standard curls and don’t worry so much about isolating muscles. You shouldn’t be swinging the curl for assistance.

What does the workout schedule look like 1

Drop to a lightweight and follow this for your last set of curls. Ten curls all the way, ten curls halfway up and then finally ten curls halfway down. You should be feeling the burn!

On your non-gym days, go for a run, say 10 miles but don’t overdo it. You need to rest your muscles for growth.

That’s your workout rotation. Stick to it. Try to do sit-ups daily if possible, and your core muscles are crucial to your end goal.

What about diet?

It’s mainly protein, you are trying to shed the pounds, but the weight will come off if you follow the routine, and you will get the aesthetic physique.

It is always worth speaking with a sports nutritionist to get a good diet, take supplements, and drink protein whey to add to your diet.