How to Make Campervan Bed More Comfortable?


You will certainly want to create a comfortable sleeping environment if you spend more time in your campervan due to better weather conditions. Just one night’s poor sleep can affect your mood and really put a dampener on your campervan break. So is it possible to make your campervan bed comfortable?

In this article, we will explore how you can make your campervan bed comfortable with some simple hacks.

Let’s dive in.

Can you use a mattress topper?

Can you use a mattress topper

Mattress toppers are the first and ideal choice for making a campervan bed comfortable, and they are normally thin memory foam that absorbs the weight of your body and surrounds you in comfort.

An additional benefit is when those nights turn chilly, the mattress topper will add some warmth to your bed. Mattress toppers are made from dense foam that can trap heat if the ventilation below the mattress is poor.

Does it get any better? Yes, it does. The mattress topper is easy to fold and store away from sight if needed. This was the top pick from the best boxed mattress article that features products too.

What is a mattress topper made from?

The mattress topper is a layer on top of your mattress for added comfort called a mattress topper. Various fillings, including memory foam, gel, hollow and microfiber, feathers, and latex, can be used to create them, with more organic mattresses being developed.

Can you use a regular mattress in a camper?

Can you use a regular mattress in a camper

It depends. Some campervans do come with full-size beds, such as a king-size bed. The foam theta campervans used may not meet your requirements for comfort, so if you do have a campervan with a king-size bed, by all means, change it for a regular mattress and sleep in comfort.

One issue you may face with a regular mattress is actually maneuvering the mattress around the tight space of the entrance to the camper van, assuming your campervan entrance is on the side.

If this is an issue for you, then the best solution is to buy a bed in a box. The box can be carried straight into the bedroom area of the campervan, unboxed and left to expand into a full-size mattress.

The comfort level will be superior to any mattress supplied with a campervan.

If you are unsure about mattress sizes here is a table to assist you:

Mattress type Dimensions (inches) Dimensions (centimeters)
King 76 x 80 194 x 204
Cal King 72 x 84 183 x 214
Queen 60 x 80 153 x 204
Full XL 53 x 80 135 x 204
Full 53 x 75 135 x 191
Twin XL 38 x 80 97 x 204
Twin 38 x 75 97 x 191

Top tip. Plan ahead. Beds in Boxes can take 72 hours to form their shape, and they can also smell a little funky as they off-gas some of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process, so ensure you have a well-ventilated campervan for a few days.

On a budget?

Can you use a regular mattress in a camper 1

You can still get a good night’s sleep on a budget campervan.

Why not revert to the tried and tested air bed? Theft is not like the seaside airbeds you used to get as kids. Some are plush and have adjustable settings for your comfort.

They provide an excellent level of insulation with an air barrier and can be comfortable with the added bonus that it is easy to install and inflate.

If your problem is a single bed, you can buy a single inflatable mattress. It’s a good solution and a solution that should not be dismissed immediately.

How do you make single beds comfortable in a camper van?

The problem with single beds in a campervan is they are not the dimensions of a single bed. This is due to the bed being multifunctional, a bed by night and a seating area by day.

You can look for a better quality foam for the mattress base. There are specialist stores that will sell you memory foam. It will need to be no more than the thickness of the existing mattress/ seat if you want to use the in situ seat cover, and you could add the mattress on top, doubling the total thickness of the mattress for an exceptionally comfy mattress.

If you take this option, you will need to add velcro strips in strategic places to prevent the mattress from sliding when you sleep.
Take advantage of the full width of the campervan.

An even simpler option to add a bed space that also serves as seating is with a sofa bed or a futon bed. There is no need to locate more space because they typically use cushions as part of the bed and are more comfortable during the day than a bench and table.

The drawback of a sofa bed is that it must be taken out every night and placed back in the morning, much like other kinds of convertible beds.

Futons have been around for a long time and make a wonderful bed, even if the surface below the mattress is hard and unforgiving.

Add padding to uncomfortable parts of the mattress.

Add padding to uncomfortable parts of the mattress

Add padding to that area if your mattress has parts that don’t feel so good, like over a hinge or a bracket. It may be as simple as folding a towel and placing it at the back of the mattress to reduce the sensation of a protrusion.

Add duvets as part of your mattress, you can add more than one, and it’s a cheap way of getting a good night’s sleep if your campervan bed is letting you down.

Add pillows and cushions for comfort and aesthetics, making your camper feel at home and providing extra comfort for sleeping.

Think outside of the box.

There is more to bed comfort than the thickness of the mattress. Bed comfort comes in different shapes and forms. Are you looking at a dreary campervan ceiling? Add some string lights. They don’t use much energy and brighten up the sleeping area in your campervan, making it feel fun and conducive to sleep.