7 Tips On Shopping For Cannabis

7 Tips On Shopping For Cannabis

Cannabis shopping looks a lot different than it did even just five years ago. Until recently, you needed a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis legally, and you certainly didn’t have as many options as there are now. Today, recreational cannabis is legal in a handful of states and new shopping experiences have evolved out of this change.

For consumers 21 and over, access to cannabis products has never been easier. Residents of California beach towns can easily find something in their radius by searching San Diego dispensary. There are likely a multitude of options from dispensaries to delivery services that have a wide range of products for all kinds of cannabis consumers.

Shop Online

Shop Online 1
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Shopping online using weed delivery services is by far the most convenient, accessible and private way to shop for cannabis products. Delivery services operate in a few states that allow cannabis to be delivered by a courier and allow you to make easy orders directly from their website. Marijuana delivery services aren’t allowed to have their own designated apps, so you’ll need to go directly through their website to place an order. However, it’s just as convenient as using an app, this is just something to be aware of as you search.

Shop In Stores

Of course, the classic option of shopping in a dispensary is always a solid way to shop for cannabis. With dispensaries, you have the benefit of asking the store clerks what kinds of products elicit different effects and make decisions about what strains you’ll enjoy the most. A lot of people who think they aren’t into cannabis haven’t tried the right strain or product yet and certain strains can cause side effects like paranoia. This is usually linked to sativa strains and indica or hybrid strains are likely to have a more calming effect on the user.

Know What Product You Want

Know What Product You Want
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It’s important to know what kind of product you’re looking for before placing an order or going into a dispensary. This will help you and the person helping you determine what you should buy. There are a few options when it comes to cannabis products like traditional buds, edibles, vape cartridges and pre rolled joints. If you’re not interested in smoking the product, edibles and consumables are the way to go. For those that do smoke, consider whether traditional flower or vapes are a better route for you.

Be Prepared to Show ID

Any cannabis delivery service or dispensary is going to ask for your ID, so make sure you are prepared to show it at the time of purchase or to sign up for the service. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but you’ll need to prove your age to shop with any state regulated storefront or delivery service. All they should need is a valid driver’s license, any other form of ID shouldn’t be necessary to complete the purchase.

Service Fees

Keep in mind that delivery services will have service fees associated with them. Remember that you’re having someone drive and deliver sensitive products to your doorstep and there are usually added fees for added conveniences like this. Most find that even with an extra charge, the added convenience is worth it to skip running an errand out to another store. Some states may have higher service charges than others, it just depends on what the local regulations and tax structures are for the sale and purchase of cannabis products.

Knowing Legal Restrictions

Knowing Legal Restrictions
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Before you venture out to buy cannabis, it’s important to understand the legal restrictions on its purchase and use. Generally speaking, the sale of cannabis is only legal in certain states and other jurisdictions where it has been legalized for medical or recreational use. Any purchase in states where it is not yet legal could lead to serious penalties, including imprisonment.

In states where cannabis has been legalized, there are usually tight regulations applicable to its purchase as well as its sale. For instance, buyers have to be of a minimum legal age and may have only limited purchasing options depending on the type of store they visit (e.g., online dispensaries may offer a more extensive collection than retail stores). Buyers must also abide by possession limits that vary from state to state.

Additionally, taxes on cannabis purchases are usually significantly higher than those placed on other commodities due to their restricted status in many places. As such, buyers should always be sure to manage their budget effectively when shopping for any form of cannabis product:

• Understand the legal restrictions in your area.

• Be of the minimum legal age.

• Know your purchasing options.

• Be aware of possession limits.

• Manage your budget effectively.

Enough Searching, Just Shop!

Enough Searching Just Shop
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Reading about cannabis shopping will only get you so far, so bite the bullet and go searching online and in stores for products that you’ll love! The only way to discover the ins and outs of cannabis shopping is by getting out there and doing it. That’s because cannabis affects everyone differently, and no one strain or product is going to be perfect for all consumers. Exploring is part of the process, and discussing your needs and wants with a dispensary employee is a great way to get started finding things you like and affect you in a positive way.


These days, shopping for cannabis is easy if you live in a state that has legalized recreational use. Between local dispensaries and delivery services, you can find high quality products for affordable prices and in some cases delivered right to your door. Keep in mind that every state operates and regulates these substances differently, and the process may not look the same everywhere you shop. To really discover how you want to shop for cannabis, one has to get out there and see for themself what the offerings are. It just takes that first step of looking through products to get excited and feel more comfortable shopping for cannabis.