7 Tips for Creating a Digital Signage Marketing Strategy That Works

Marketing Strategy

When used correctly, your digital signage system can make a world of difference to your business.

Compelling and engaging digital signs can spell the difference between customers walking past your business premises or going inside and transacting with you.

With the right content, location, and hardware, your digital signage system in Dubai (2point0concepts.com) can give you high returns on your investment and help you achieve many of your business goals.

Making an Effective Digital Signage Marketing Strategy

Making an Effective Digital Signage Marketing Strategy
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The success of your digital signage system depends on having a strong digital signage marketing strategy.

If you want your digital signage to help you generate greater revenue and get a high ROI, follow these tips for creating your digital signage marketing strategy:

1. Establish your goals

Knowing what you want to get out of your promotional tool is part and parcel of any marketing campaign.

As such, setting your goals for your digital signage marketing strategy should be the first thing you work on.

Be clear about what you want to get from your digital signage system. Whether you need to sell more products or introduce new ones, get more followers on social media, promote a sale or special event, educate, or boost brand awareness, or a combination of two or more, be concise.

Make sure you outline your objectives so that you can create a suitable and effective content strategy.

2. Set your metrics

Set your metrics
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Once you have your goals for digital signage marketing strategy, you’ll have an easier time tracking its progress and success by setting your key performance indicators (KPIs) at the start.

Be clear about your metrics as well. Whether you want to increase your product sales, website traffic, or social media followers, set a specific number or range.

Connecting your KPIs with promo codes and unique URLs with your social media analytics can make it easier for you to track your strategy’s progress. By using voting, polling, and social media audience participation tools, you’ll know whether your campaign is working or not easily.

Don’t forget to use live data, product competitions, and user-generated content as key metrics as well.

3. Think about your audience

Your chances of having a strong, effective digital signage marketing strategy will be higher if you know your audience and cater to their needs and preferences.

Creating buyer personas can help you produce the best content for your audience. Do some research to know your target market on a deeper level and ensure your messages resonate with them.

For your digital signage marketing strategy, asking these questions can help you get off to a good start in creating your customers’ buyer persona:

• What are your customers’ pain points?

• Which products do your customers purchase frequently?

• What days and times are your customers most likely to shop?

• What are your customers interested in at each part of the day?

• What are your customers’ employment and educational backgrounds?

• Where do the majority of your target audience live?

4. Choose the content you want to show

Choose the content you want to show digital marketing
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When it comes to content, you can choose to use your current ones or have new materials made.

You can use the videos, images, presentations, social media content, and other marketing materials you have for your digital signage. However, make sure to choose ones that support your goals.

When creating new content, make sure you use the buyer persona you curated and the information you gathered from your research.

Whatever option you decide to go with, focus on displaying content that creates anticipation among your audience. Your primary goal should be to help, inform, and impress your target market.

Also, make sure your content needs to be eye-catching and interesting enough but should never hinder the experience or promise you want to provide.

5. Create a digital signage content schedule

Your digital signage strategy should include a schedule of what your target audience will see and when on a regular basis.

Your playlist should encourage customers to buy more, upgrade their product, or connect with you on different platforms. It should show your messages at the right time to get your target audience to perform the action you want them to do.

The right scheduling strategy also allows you to change your content quickly so that it reacts to important real-time events and resonates with a particular crowd or multiple audiences.

One simple way of creating your playlist is through storytelling. This means including user-generated content, case studies, and action shots in your content schedule.

Another technique is creating short pieces of information tied together by a common theme.

And before launching your playlist, make sure the content makes sense and there are no long pauses between each slide.

6. Select the best places to display your screens

display your screens on streets
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You don’t have to display all your digital signs in areas with high foot traffic. However, it is important to put them in places where they can garner the most attention.

Think about where your target audience tends to spend long times in your business premises and what they usually do. Do they often stand in front of your store as they wait to cross the street? Or do you always have plenty of customers waiting at your checkout counters?

The locations of your digital signage play a huge role when it comes to their effectiveness.

Deciding where to display your screens before implementing your digital signage marketing strategy can also help you choose how many screens and content you need to get the most from your campaign.

7. Get audience feedback regularly

To get the most from your digital signage system, you need to know if people find your content engaging and valuable.

Ask some of your customers what they think about your content. Also, have people who haven’t seen your playlist watch it and get their comments.

A fresh pair of eyes can help you spot typos and any issues that people can find distracting and stop them from watching your content in full.

Also, always get feedback from your audience if you are testing different content and schedules as well so that you’ll know if using them will benefit your business or not.

As a bonus tip, review your digital signage marketing strategy regularly to ensure they are beneficial for your business. Revise your content and schedule frequently, particularly when the feedback from your audience shows they are not working at all.

A digital signage system is one of the essential pieces of technology that can help you drum up business, whether you have a retail store, restaurant, or coffee shop. With the right marketing strategy, you can get more from this tool and your investment.