Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant: The Modern Solution for Asphalt Maintenance

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The road to efficient asphalt maintenance has witnessed many products, but the Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant stands out prominently. Designed for utmost resilience and adaptability, this asphalt crack sealant has swiftly become the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Let’s delve into its unique properties and benefits.

Is the Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant environmentally friendly?

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In an age of heightened environmental consciousness, the Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant emerges as a win-win. This sealant is not only tough on cracks but gentle on the environment. Manufactured with sustainability in mind, it contains no harmful solvents or volatile organic compounds, ensuring minimal ecological impact.

How does temperature variation affect the performance and longevity of the sealant post-application?

Temperature plays a significant role in the efficacy of any asphalt crack sealant. The Deery Super Stretch, with its superior formulation, offers impressive resistance to temperature fluctuations. Post-application, it remains pliable in cold conditions and doesn’t soften excessively in high temperatures, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Can the Deery Super Stretch be applied to cracks on both flat and sloped surfaces?

Absolutely. Its versatile nature allows the Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant to adhere firmly to both flat and inclined surfaces. Whether it’s a driveway, parking lot, or a sloped roadway, this sealant ensures a tight bond and prevents further crack propagation.

What is the recommended storage condition for the Deery Super Stretch boxes to ensure maximum shelf life?

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To maximize shelf life, store the Deery Super Stretch boxes in a cool, dry environment. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperature variations. When stored correctly, the sealant retains its efficacy for years.

Do I need to prepare the asphalt surface in any specific way before applying the sealant?

Yes, for optimal adhesion and performance, it’s essential to clean the asphalt surface thoroughly. Remove dirt, debris and any loose materials from the cracks. A dry, clean surface ensures the sealant adheres effectively, providing a durable seal.

Is the Deery Super Stretch resistant to oil and gasoline spills commonly seen on asphalt surfaces?

Indeed, the Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant boasts a formulation resistant to common asphalt contaminants such as oil and gasoline. This resistance ensures that the seal remains unaffected, even when exposed to such spills.

Can the sealant be painted or overlaid with other asphalt treatments after application?

Once fully cured, the Deery Super Stretch can be painted or overlaid with other asphalt treatments. Its adaptability makes it compatible with various surface treatments without compromising its primary function.

What safety precautions should be followed during the application of Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant?

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Safety first! When applying the sealant, wear appropriate protective equipment like gloves and safety glasses. Ensure the area is well-ventilated, and avoid inhaling any fumes. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for application to ensure safety.

Are there any adverse reactions or issues if the sealant comes into contact with water shortly after application?

It’s advisable to apply the Deery Super Stretch in dry conditions and ensure there’s no immediate forecast of rain. However, once the sealant has set, minor exposure to water won’t compromise its integrity. Prolonged or heavy exposure shortly after application might affect its adhesion.

How does Deery Super Stretch perform in regions with frequent freeze-thaw cycles?

One of the standout features of the Deery Super Stretch is its resilience in challenging climates. In regions with regular freeze-thaw cycles, this sealant remains flexible, ensuring a tight seal and reducing the risk of further crack development.

Ensuring a Seamless Seal

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The application process of the Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant is straightforward, making it an ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Here’s a brief overview of how to apply this innovative asphalt maintenance solution.

Preparation: Before starting, clean the cracked area thoroughly, removing any loose debris, dirt, or vegetation. A clean surface is crucial for optimal adhesion.

Crack Filling: Apply the Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant directly into the crack using either a pour pot or a melter applicator. The sealant’s high elongation and flexibility will allow it to adapt to the shape and size of the crack.

Heating: If using the melter applicator, ensure it’s heated to the recommended temperature, typically around 380°F (193°C). This ensures the sealant melts uniformly and flows into the crack.

Sealant Application: Pour the molten sealant into the crack, slightly overfilling it. The excess can be trimmed later for a smooth finish.

Smoothing: Use a trowel or scraper to level the sealant, ensuring it’s flush with the surrounding asphalt surface.

Curing: The Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant cures within minutes, depending on temperature conditions. Once cured, it forms a resilient seal that’s ready for traffic.

Recommended Tools

For a seamless application, consider using specific tools like a melter applicator or a pour pot, which help maintain the sealant’s optimal temperature and facilitate even distribution. These tools ensure a professional-grade finish, making it suitable for both small repairs and large-scale projects.

Extending Longevity

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To ensure the longevity of the Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant’s effectiveness, follow these maintenance tips:

Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect sealed areas for any signs of wear or damage. Promptly address any issues to prevent further deterioration.

Cleaning: Keep the sealed surface clean, removing debris and contaminants. Regular cleaning helps maintain the seal’s integrity.

Reapplication: For heavily trafficked areas or regions with extreme weather, consider reapplying the sealant as needed to reinforce the protection.

Easy Procurement

You can easily find Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant at reputable asphalt supply stores, construction material retailers, or online marketplaces. To inquire about specific product options and purchase details, contact the manufacturer or authorized distributors directly.

By following these application tips, learning from user testimonials, applying maintenance best practices, and knowing where to find Deery Super Stretch, you’ll be well-equipped to effectively utilize this modern asphalt maintenance solution for your projects.


The Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant is more than just an asphalt crack sealant. It embodies efficiency, adaptability, and environmental responsibility. With industry champions like Asphaltkingdom vouching for its excellence, it’s no wonder that this product is making waves. At Asphaltkingdom, they are committed to bringing the best solutions to the forefront, fostering innovation, and ensuring that asphalt maintenance is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.